Zombie Loki

Current Status: Permanently Deceased.

Why Zombie Loki Came to Be

It all began with a notorious group called the Necromancers. The Necromancers were once very wise and noble men (& women) who embraced the practices of communicating with dead, channeling spirits, and reviving the deceased. The teachings of necromancy flourished for nearly a hundred years, but complications with their teachings began to a raise as the world (& it's inhabitants) grew and developed. One of these complications was the Church, and it's members who were both devoted and loyal to god. The beliefs of the Necromancers and the Church clashed. The world was changing, and though the Necromancers had seniority over the Church, the Church was gaining the favor of the people. The beliefs of the Church had become widespread and over the years more people had become accustom to accepting change. With the majority of the people siding with the Church, who didn't approve with the practices of the Necromancers, the group was basically shunned from society unless they ceased their practices. Rejected from the world the era of the necromancy had come to an end, and the group slowly faded into the shadows like their teachings had.

This did not stop the shunned group from their practices or beliefs. The Necromancers had become separated all over the world, but the group still maintained communication. The members had arrange on a specific day every 10 years for the group to meet back up, October 31st, at the tribal village of Umbala. Unfortunately when the group had met in Umbala for a second time trouble made it's self present in the group. The group instead of preforming their scared practice on the most spiritually active day, October 31st, they were caught up in an intense debate. Over the time span from the first meeting to the second a good portion of the Necromancers had become filled with anger. They wanted to be a part of society once again without having to hide or keep their practices/beliefs secret. The Necromancers were equally split with two opposing views: one half wanted to remain happily in hiding while the other half wanted to take drastic actions to earn their place in society back. The debate continued later into the day, and the results were disastrous.

The group of Necromancers ended up splitting up, on November 1st, one half dispersed back into hiding while the other departed wholly in a group. The group which had left as a whole traveled safely and unnoticed to Yuno. The group stayed in Yuno for roughly a week researching through the massive library Yuno had to offer. The objective was to find means of power they could obtain strength from in order to make up for the other missing half of the Necromancers. The group found a bunch of things which could grant them great power, but the greatest of all was a myth about a creature that was beneath the Thief town, Morroc. Information on this creature was scarce, but apparently nothing matched it in strength and could kill it (which is why it had been sealed). Sealing the book they had read the information about the creature they departed from the town, taking the airship, the group made it safely to Morroc. Four weeks passed and surprisingly the group had found out more about the creature through local legends/myths told by the citizens. Apparently the town possessed five seals which sealed the creature beneath the town. They had even gotten some garbage about the five seals forming a cross, but the group discarded the information out of hatred for the Church. They were getting closer and closer to uncovering the mystery with each passing day until finally one day something clicked among them.

The answers they'd search for had been right under their noses the whole time. A reliable story they had heard helped them conclude that four of the seals had to be North, South, East, and West town entrances/exits. Remember the rubbish they had heard about the seal forming a cross lead the group concluded that the fifth seal had to be in the center of the town. It is unknown how the group got beneath the town, but some how they did and what soon came after would surely change history. Around mind day an ominous wind blew into Morroc; the sun setting behind raging storm clouds, with lightning striking the ground, and thunder shaking the very heavens above the citizens of Morroc who cowered in their homes not daring to venture outdoors. A tempest raged out in the desert to the East, while the black circling clouds settled directly over Morroc Castle. The guards in the castle took the prisoners and fled from the center of the storm, just before the ground began quaking from deep beneath the city. The creature, Satan Morroc, erupted up from underneath the castle, rending the castle and nearly razing the entire town to the ground. Citizens fled to the Morroc Ruins to the North West to escape it's wrath. For several hours it laid waste to Morroc city, troops and heroes from all across the globe journeyed with haste to Morroc to slay the awakened Demon. The group of nercomancers acted quickly and tried all they could to control the creature, but in it's rage/fury it attacked them. The group struggled with the creature, but none of them could compete with the creature's great strength. Everybody, but a member named Raiyan Moore was slain by the beast. Raiyan escaped while his brethren were slaughtered by the beast, but he didn't get far. Raiyan was apprehended by the Dandelion Organization, the Assassin Guild, and several other warriors. It is unknown what happened to Raiyan Moore, but the possibilities are endless for the predicament he had caused.

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