Zeno Von Descabil

||~ Player Name || Fireknight ||

Character Name: Zeno Von Descabil
Secondary Name: Zeno
Race: Alfar.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.

++ Appearance

Height: 6'4".
Weight: 155 lbs.
Hair Colour: White.
Eyes Colour: Green.
Skin Tone: Slightly Pale.

Large blue cape over a set of custom ringmail armor engraved the name 'Descabil'. Does not wear leg armor, instead he wears custom ringmail pants and a pair of hard leather boots. Often wears a large blue mask when venturing outside into crowds. Has a custom attached bag attached to his belt. Has an average frame proportional to his height, but long arms and legs. When unmasked, his face shows the look of an innocent man. When at battle, his body looks smaller due to him relaxing specific parts of his body for maximum output of damage. Has eyes of an eagle when contested.

++ Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral.

A type of person who pursues chivalry. Zeno is known for his distinct change in attitude. A silent Alfar, often mistaken to be knowledgeable. Zeno has a different personality when it comes to battles. He becomes rash and rude and will fight even in losing battles. Hates trivial stuff and would clearly speak bluntly about anything he wants. Will not back down to anyone who challenges him.

++ Biography

Character Age: 74.
Birthdate: February 28.
Birthplace: Alfheim.
Occupation: Knight.

An Alfar born into an unlikely family of swordsmen. The Descabil family name has descendants that were taught chivalry by the outside world of the past. Being born into this family made him follow the teachings of being a Knight. He was taught virtues, honor and courtly love. He has no talent but day-by-day his parents would see his potential grow. He would often come with his parents on their hunt. Zeno would basically act like a squire and carry the weapons of his beloved parents. He was shown the various forms of swordplay and he took it in by heart.
As he grew stronger and smarter he would join in knightly tournaments to showcase his skill. It was tough, he would often face prodigies and Alfars who were born to use a sword. He would win at times, but often he lost. Inspite of this, he would work harder and harder everytime he loses or fail at certain goals. He was taught to learn by mistakes, to grow smarter, stronger. By 5 years time he was on parry with most knights of his generation. He took every contest seriously and would do his best to win without foul play.
As Zeno reached his 'Age of Reason', he decided to set out. Competition was not as intense as he was younger and by this he wants to see what other people has to offer. He left Alfheim and ventured into the unknown. He now roams Midgard and is often found at Izlude and Prontera with a wish to make his family proud.

++ Acquaintances

* Character Name: Short explanation of encounter, and also determine whether the person is merely an acquaintance/friend/rival/or evil.

++ Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Herbs and Spices.
Special Skills:

Often twirls a dagger on his right hand when sitting.

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