Yvonne Aloisi
Player Name FoxTrotMuffin

Character Name: Yvonne Aloisi
Secondary Name: Red
Race: Svartalf
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Open to suggestion


Height: 5’8”
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Colour: Purple
Eyes Colour: Gold
Skin Tone: Her ears are dark brown, but the rest of her skin is pale.

Yvonne’s most distinctive trait is her fondness for masks. She is literally never seen not wearing one, and she keeps multiple different masks on her person, switching masks to match her mood. The most common one she wears is a wickedly grinning goblin mask. Another oddity of hers is that she keeps all of her skin covered. All of it. She even conceals her pointed ears under her hair by looping a string through the two holes punched through the skin, near the tips of her ears, and tying them back. For all intents and purposes, Yvonne looks like an oddly dressed human. The main color of her outfit is blue, and she has dangling trinkets tied to her clothing.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Chaotic Neutral

Yvonne comes off as… eccentric, at best and absolutely crazy at worst. She has no concept of personal space, will critique people’s hair color, and will say odd, often times off topic things. She is easily distracted and will often respond ‘Am I?’ or ‘Is it?’ to questions. She never goes by her real name. Instead she has chosen to take the name ‘Red’. Why she chose this is unclear. Furthermore, she has no concept of danger. Whether she’s stupid, insane, or just pulling an elaborate joke on everyone is unclear. .


Character Age: 75
Birthdate: November 11
Birthplace: Svartalfheim
Occupation: Vagrant

//Yvonne Aloisi was born to a hardworking pair of Svartalf warriors. They both dearly wanted their only daughter to become a mighty, strong girl and follow in their footsteps. From a very young age she has had the idea of the ‘ideal Svartalf’ pushed upon her – Warlike, proud, someone who would make those prissy Alfar pay, a Svartalfar that would be one of many to continue the feud between dark and light.

They were a little disappointed when she showed no talent with the sword, to put it lightly.
However, both father and mother were consoled. Yvonne seemed to have magical talent. Those who wielded magic could become destructive forces indeed! And so, she was sent to learn.

Yvonne failed. Miserably.

It wasn’t that she was stupid or had no potential. No. She simply did not try. Yvonne didn’t delight in destruction, or in bending magic to her will to become the destructive force her parents desired. Instead, she sat in the back of the classroom and created pretty ice sculptures. Her teachers had no idea what to do with her. She could not be motivated in any way. Even the Alfar hand puppets that said horrible things about her family, her race, and her sexual preferences did not inspire her to frothing hatred! Yvonne had no motivation and intended to stay that way. She liked making pretty ice sculptures.

It might have been better if Yvonne had been born with plenty of motivation and no talent at anything whatsoever. It wasn’t her failure that upset her parents; it was her failure, her failure to uphold the Svartalf ideal. She was no better than those pansy forest-frolicking Alfar.

On her fiftieth birthday, Yvonne was told this. Her parents disowned her, denied her existence, denied that she was alive, that she had ever been born. She never went through the Darkening.

Yvonne left Svartalfheim a failure and traveled to Rune-Midgards. She knew enough to pull off the whole adventuring gig (and make pretty ice-sculptures). She managed. She survived, without her parent’s or her race’s approval. She felt ashamed, though. She began wearing masks and took to covering up all of her skin, her pasty, pale white skin. Yvonne hadn’t actively tried to be a failure, succeeding just bored her. Now, she feels stuck. She wants her parent’s approval, but she can never be what her they want her to be. She never will fit in with the Alfar either, as her heritage is loudly proclaimed by her ears. She’s completely directionless and possibly insane.

At least she still has her pretty sculptures… //


Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Curry
Special Skills: Ice manipulation

  • Yvonne dislikes fire and heat. She doesn’t use fire magic, it does not interest her, and she would die in the desert.
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