Yulianna Luce Crestheart
Player Name Runa

Character Name: Yulianna Luce Crestheart
Secondary Name: Yulia, Yulie
Race: Alfar
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5’7
Weight: 123
Hair Colour: Silver
Eyes Colour: Jade
Skin Tone: Pale

Yulia takes after her mother, inheriting her angelic facial features and her father’s alluring jade eyes. She is average height for an Alfar, though she is not muscular she seems to possess some kind of abnormal strength. Her normal style is very modest. Her normal outfit is a form-fitting, navy blue, ankle length, mandarin-collared, long-sleeved white cuffed dress with a simple white lace trim at the hem of the skirt. She wears a pair of low-heeled black mary-jane styled shoes along with her dress.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral Good / Lawful Evil

Yulia is rumored to be suffering from a split personality disorder. Her personality fails to remain consistent, Yulia would state that sometimes she feels like she “isn’t herself”. Her dominant self for the most part is gentle and warm; she treats her subordinates very well and seems to care very much for them. Her kindness is genuine in every way and she strives hard to get on the good side of everyone. However she can still easily get irritated and dislike someone if, to put it simply, they are an asshole. Yulia can be bit childish and naive though not to the point where she is blinded by her innocence.

Yulia also has a habit of concentrating too hard on doing something and forgetting about the world around her. She can also be a bit ignorant as she is not good with anything related to reading or studying. If she is in a situation where she is being lectured or ranted to, she will usually fall asleep right away. The only thing she can really handle is stories, and if she still finds them boring, she'll fall asleep right away too. She can also be very clumsy which makes it hard for others to believe that she is the leader of the Selestus Seis. One thing about her is that she doesn't know fear, more-so in a bad way (for herself) than in a good way. Her nature is very simplistic. All she wants is to enjoy life to the fullest in the simplest way.

Her other self, is a serious untalkative person. This side of her only seems to take over in crucial times or randomly, whenever it pleases. This side of her hates weakness and believes strongly that her dominant self is a really weak individual and thus, she would have to take over to make the important decisions. She shows very little emotions and seems to care for really little. This side of her is often described as the ‘Ice Queen’, cold-hearted and ruthless yet strong and overpowering.


Character Age: 37
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation: Evil Overlord of Selestus Seis?

"The rain kisses the petals of the Hepatica flowers, now in the air the spring is coming
The sweet blowing wind sings down the hills and valleys, calling me home
But I’ve gone much further, too far. I can never fly back with these Fake Wings."

Yulianna is the daughter of Reion, the original leader of the Liberation Front. Reion often left her at home while he embarked on missions with his men in the Liberation Front. He kept his family life separate, No one really knew that he had a daughter until he passed away in an unfortunate accident. Yulia was later asked to inherit his position. Her personality changed in a shocking manner. Cold-hearted, and even tyrannical. Yulia was dominated by a different personality, reforming the group within. She eliminated those who got in her way or showed her opposition and placed those whom she found useful to the new positions she created. Rumors even circulated that she might had something to do with her father's death. Ten years after making massive reforms, Yulianna reverted to her normal personality in a state of confusion. She was like a lost child, with fragmented memories, a lack of knowledge about her past, and no memory of anything she's done in the last ten years. It was hard for her to accept her position as the leader, and everything she has done in the last ten years. Yulianna had tried to run away from everything at first, but came back on her own accord in the end. She never again tried to flee from her reality, letting her alternate ego take over to manage the organization, and traveling with her butler as her normal self by day.


Gerard Rosenkreuz - Her servant and bodyguard. Even though he is connected to the past she does not recall, Yulia is very distant from him, making their relationship very awkward.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Unhealthy foods such as candy, ice cream, etc. Her tastes are very childish.
Special Skills: Abnormal Strength, Minor healing powers

  • Yulia as her normal self, has actually never been in battle before. She currently does not consciously know how to fight.
  • She has a special red ribbon she always wears. It seems to be something important to her from her past.
  • Is a decent singer. She has had some professional training in her past.
  • Her favorite flower is the Hepatica.

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