Wolfgang Brooks
Player Name Urufu

Character Name: Wolfgang Brooks.
Secondary Name: Wolf.
Race: Alfar.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.


Height: 5'10".
Weight: 160lbs.
Hair Colour: Dirty Blond.
Eyes Colour: Baby Blue.
Skin Tone: Lightly Tanned.

Wolfgang is very well built. Traveling a lot he is always on his feet being active, and because he still occasionally hunts he has maintained his muscular build. Wolf has a six pack, well crafted legs, and rather muscular arms. He is prone to wear two kinds of guild uniforms: Rogue (Stalker suit) and Hunter (Sniper suit). His hair is neck left and normally unattended unless he is bathing it. One particular thing that is noticeable about Wolfgang is that no matter what he wears there is always different shades of Green and Brown.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral.

Wolf is a straight shooter — he bluntly speaks his mind regardless of what the outcome is. He is very demanding at times, and when he talks he is the one talking and everyone with in ear shout is listening. It is one of his pet peeves to be interrupted when he is speaking. Wolf is a very loyal person if you can break through the layer of shielding he has covering up his true emotions. Wolf may seem like a very open male, but he is really secretive about his emotions. In addition to being demanding Wolf won't acknowledge those that insult him (he'll bluntly pretend they don't exist). He is spunky, humorous, and really the best damn friend you could ever ask for.


Character Age: Unknown.
Birthdate: February 28th.
Birthplace: Hugel.
Occupation: Retired Wood Crafter.

Wolfgang was basically born and raised a country kid, but regardless he was considered the black sheep of the town. He was always rebellious, and looking for adventure. Sadly through his times in Hugel he hadn't the income to afford to constantly go on adventures. Which is why he became a woods crafter, and began crafting all sorts of things for income. It was at the pike of his career that he met Ilya. Which he naturally liked because she was treated differently like himself (though not the same way or for the same reason). Wolf would generally spend a little bit of zeny to bit her food which he would sneak it to her when she away from her master. Though when towards the end of his career Ilya escaped and left Hugel which caused Wolf to take on an early retirement to go find her. With no luck finding her he took up his dream of adventuring hoping that one day he would find her again.

Sometime later visiting the archery town known as Payon Wolf found Ilya. Now Wolf generally visits every two to three weeks specially to see Ilya, and no one else (but he hasn't told her that).


  • Ilya Telune: Wolf lived a little while in Hugel before Ilya came into the picture. After awhile of small talk the two became moderate friends, and later on after she escaped they became better friends. Ilya isn't phased by Wolf's out burst, spunky attitude, or habit to bluntly speak his mind. If Ilya truly needed him he'd drop everything he was doing at the drop of a hat to assist her.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Lemons.
Special Skills: Hunting, Tracking, and Wilderness Survival.

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