Player Name GM Wolf

Race: Æsir.

  • Óðinn Father
  • Gríðr Mother
  • Thor Brother


Víðarr is a very defined individual. His body's features are far from welcoming (which is an understatement). The wounds Víðarr has acquired over the many years are blatantly visible for all to see. Most of the being on his arms & torso region, but the most noticeable scars being on his face. These scars on his face gives him a rough appearance in addition to his already stern facial expression. Generally Víðarr is seen to be very stern and attentive — it is questionable to know if he expresses any other expression because he hasn't shown such. Víðarr's figure is similar to that of his brother's Thor. Physically fit, muscular, broad, tall, and like his brother they share similar facial features.

Víðarr has long lengthy blond hair that seems to silky and graceful even without treatment or care. He also wears a a furred cape which has a massive white fur collaring with the remainder of his cape being brown and draping down to around where his ankle are. On his torso he wears a rather revealing brown leather looking vest which exposes most of his scars on his chest and arms. For pants he wears a dark brown somewhat tight fitting material that are tucked into blackish gray boots at the bottom.

What is Known

According to Gylfaginning, Vidar is called the silent god who wears a thick shoe, is almost equal in strength to Thor, and can always be counted on to help the Aesir in their struggles. During Ragnarök, when the wolf Fenrir devours Odin, Vidar avenged him by stepping down with one foot on the lower jaw of the monster, grabbing his upper jaw in one hand and tearing his mouth apart, killing him. Vidar's "thick shoe" consists of all the leather waste pieces that people have cut from their own shoes at the toe and heel, collected by the god throughout all time. Therefore, anyone who is concerned enough to give assistance to the gods must throw these pieces away. Following Ragnarök and the rebirth of the world, Vidar along with his brother Váli have survived both the deluge of the sea and the fiery conflagration unleashed by Surtr, completely unharmed, and are believed dwell on the field of Idavoll, "where the city of Asgard had previously been".

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