Veronica kerisu

Character Name: Veronica
Secondary Name: Nicky
Race: Nanabozho
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Celebate


Height: 5'2" (not including her ears)
Weight: 114 lbs
Hair Colour: brown
Eyes Colour: Green
Skin Tone: Peachy

Veronica doesn't like to stand out. she does nothing special with her brown hair, and wears no make-up. She keeps her Habit nice and clean, and always sits up straight.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Good

Veronica is a bit more open-minded than most priests when it comes to sexual matters, this is probably due to the fact that she is a Nanabozho. She is kind and quiet, and reserves her judgement on others. She is gentle and a bit timid…


Character Age: 24
Birthdate: December 1st
Birthplace: Rebeneker Breeding farms
Occupation: Priestess

Veronica was born on a Nanabozho breeding farm, where Rekenber found it much easier to mass-produce cheap labor than to genetically create them one-by-one. Rekenber selected her to be a test subject to see if they could get furres to reproduce with other races. From ages 12-20, she was subjected to forced reproduction with all of the races. Due to the gene therapy, the sperm would take, but every baby was stillborn. They decided to scrap the project, and sent her back to the Nanabozho breeding farm, to breed with other Nanabozho. She fell in love with one in particular, who was a member of the Christian church, who taught her about God. They decided to get married, and start a family. They had a daughter that they named Mary. When her husband was to be bought-off by a slaver, Veronica protested, not wanting their family to be split up. She made such a big fuss, that it scared away some potential customers. So in order to quiet her, her handlers decided to get rid of her family in a way that would shock and horrify her back into submission. It worked, and her spirit was broken. A few weeks later, she, and a few other Nanabozho were freed from the farm. She had already given up on living, and was about to hang herself when a voice told her not to kill herself, as her life had just begun. She looked toward where she heard the voice, and saw the steeple of the Pronterra Church. from that day forward, she dedicated herself to spreading the word of God.


  • Amaya Dochas: Veronica wants to help Amaya in any way she can. She sees that Amaya is afraid to fail, and tries to comfort her while building her up.
  • Giles Verdant: To Veronica, Giles is a lonely lost soul, who needs a lot of help. Veronica often stays with him when no one else will, and hopes to convert him to Christianity

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Scrambled eggs on toast, and most other breakfast foods

Special Skills: Mediating and painting

Likes: Singing hymns, laying the undead to rest

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