Twilight Of The Gods

Λυκόφως από Θεοί

"The Twilight of the Gods"

Long ago Odin, the Allfather drank deeply from Mímir's well; the price? His eye. With this, he gained great wisdom, though no one knows what the Allfather learned after he drank from the well, he known as the god of wisdom and could be counted on for guidance should the need ever arise. But, Odin knew of something the other old gods did not. Shortly after Baldr's death, upon returning to Asgard, Odin would reveal to the gods their fate.

Surrounded by the greater gods Odin looked over the sea, the sea which the Ringhorn had sailed, bearing the dead Baldr. The ruler of Asgard sighed deeply and turned to the gods, his expression dulled with Baldr's death still hanging on all their memories. "Baldr the Beautiful is dead! The Traitor Loki resides with kin, the great wolf Fenrir!" Several weeped anew for Baldr, though the time for mourning was not now, Odin still had news. "A new age is upon us! And you, the wisest and strongest of the Æsir should know what lies before, and what will become of us!"

The Æsir all looked about themselves uneasy creeping over the faces of the company. Odin continued; "Though it be hard, you are all strong! And so, you can bear the truth!" It would be doubtful to them, that much else could be harder to bear then the death of Baldr the Beautiful, though intently they listened. "The Twilight of the gods is coming! It is now of it I will speak!" and speak he did. Odin told the Æsir of the prophecy he had long dealt with in silence. He spoke of evil spreading into Midgard; the world of men. Brothers slaying brothers. "It will be a time of axes, a time of swords! Shields shall be cloven!" According to the Allfather, it would be a time of wind and wolves. "No man shall spare another!"

The Fimbulvetr (the great winter) bul would come, falling from the four corners of heaven. Three years of winter would come, there would be no warm rays to bring joy to the heart. The worlds would be covered in snow and ice. Yet Odin continued; "Then when winter still fails to leave us, fierce wolves shall devour the sun and the moon, the stars will fall from heaven!" He foretold that the earth would tremble, a great sound of roaring giants would come from Jötunheimr, and the dwarfs would groan before their stone doors. Men would walk upon Hel's path, seeking death. "The earth shall then sink deep into the ocean."

The old world tree, Yggdrasil would tremble a disturbance that would be felt through out the nine worlds. "Long and loud will howl the hell hound Garmr, high upon Gnipahellir, his binds will burst, and Freke, will rise to meet him!" At this sound, Loki and Fenrir would break loose, and Jörmungandr the Midgard serpent with its twisting body would work the sea into a rage. The ship Naglfar, made from the nails of the dead will be loosed. "And the hosts of evil that reside upon the ship shall be lead by Loki, Surtr will leave the fiery dales and aid Loki in the battle."

"Loudly will Heimdall's horn sound through out the nine worlds, when the sound is heard, the gods and warriors of Valhalla will make ready!" Odin would again seek the wisdom that lies within the waters of Mímir's well. With what he learned, he would know how to defeat his opponents. Worn faces stared intently at the Allfather, they had only recently condemned Loki, yet already they knew he would escape on the dawn on this great war. Troubled thoughts plagued the Æsir, yet they could only listen on as Odin continued.

Odin looked to his wife, his voice grew soft; "Then shall come Frigga's second sorrow, I will rise to fight the great wolf Fenrir. The wolf will over come me." His eyes moved over the face of his son for a brief moment. Though unaware Víðarr the Mighty would thrust his blade through the wolf after his father fell, avenging his death. "This is not the end of my tale, my friends…"

"The next to fall will be my first born, Thor will struggle with the Midgard serpent!" A fitting end to the hero who had once wrestled the creature after hooking him with a bulls head while fishing with the giant Hymir. "Fearless will Thor fight the creature, defeating him!" Thor nodded in approval, unphased by how his tale would end. "Nine paces back will go. Thor, the god who feared no foe, will succumb to the serpents poisons."

The eyes of the Allfather moved over each face of the Æsir before settling on Týr the One-Handed. "Týr will meet the hell hound Garmr and they will slay each other." A fitting fate for the only god who had been brave enough to place his hand in Fenrir's mouth as a sign of trust. Once the wolf had been bound by a magical fetter. Gleipnir was as fine as a silken ribbon, but stronger then any iron chain; it was made of the sound of a cat's footfall, the beard of a woman, the root of a mountain, the sinews of a bear, the breath of a fish, and the spittle of a bird. Once the wolf was bound, and couldn't free itself. It bit off Týr's hand, leaving him to be known as Týr the One-Handed.

"Frey's fate will be unkind. As he will be slain by the blade forged by Thiassi." Frey stood close to his twin sister Freyja, who's eyes were downcast. "Surtr will wield it, the blade that Frey gave to Gymir so that he would be permitted to wed the Giantess Gerðr." Now, many gods knew the fate of their brothers, and sisters. Yet there hadn't been any mention of Loki, this worried the Æsir, but it was clear Odin was not finished spinning the tale.

The Allfather looked weary now as his eyes, though Heimdall wasn't in Asgard to hear his part of the tale, Odin spoke it carefully. "After the horn Gjallarhorn sounds, Heimdall will meet Loki in battle." The gods looked hopeful for several moments surly, Loki would fall. "Heimdall the wise and proud will meet Loki the deceitful, and both will slay each other." Odin looked up, his tale spun. "Few who would fight in the great battle will be spared!"

Týr spoke after a long pause, the others around him deep in their own thoughts. "Odin, is there no hope?" His voice strained, what would happen to Asgard, those who didn't fall in the war? "Does all truly end in darkness?" The face of the Allfather changed slightly, his lips pulled up into a soft serene smile. "I see that a second time will the earth rise again from the ocean, fish will swim the rivers, wolves will run over the land, and eagles will rule the sky." He was smiling now, more of the prophecy known now, "I see Baldr and Höðr leading a race of mortals, near them stand Víðarr and the sons of Thor." Odin nodded to himself, pleased. "They will recall the memories of the old gods, of the sacrifice, the deeds of Loki and Thor. Fields of self-sown crops shall flourish,and all evil shall be gone from the land."

A voice spoke up once again from the assembled, "And what of us Odin, what will become of the old gods?" Odin's eye rose to the sky above him. "After the Twilight of the gods, shall come that which we dare not name, that which rules all. Sentences shall be pronounced and pain eased." As the vision faded Odin looked once more upon the gathered, "My children, let us be strong and valiant. Long and hard will be the ages of fighting and many hardships will we endure; but the brave heart loves danger, and the strong soul flinches not from evil! For we fight our best, even in knowing we shall fail, to fight to our ends, and to give peace to those who are pure and good." Odin smiled out at the sky. "This is the fate of the old gods."

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