Turen Darastir
Player Name Aviyara

Character Name: Turen Darastir
Secondary Name: None
Race: MF-06
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Hetero


Height: 6'7
Weight: 280
Hair Colour: Blond
Eyes Colour: Blue
Skin Tone: Lightly tanned

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral


Character Age: 148
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: A lab in an undisclosed location near Lighthalzen
Occupation: Former career soldier

MF-06D21's most recent identity is that of Turen Darastir, a career soldier in the Schwartzvald Military. His "father" (actually a previous incarnation of himself) was a mercenary who died in a war; his "mother" died of a broken heart a few months later. Turen was "raised" in an orphanage that was burned to the ground when a "grease fire" in the restaurant next door grew out of control. He has been very careful to make sure all the facts for his persona line up - because it could quite literally mean his life if they do not.

Turen Darastir is married with three children. His wife is a fellow MF-06, whose previous identity served the role of his "mother"; his children were all adopted from the orphanage that "accidentally" burned down. His wife and he have learned quite quickly that they are much safer together than they were apart, having successfully repelled several attempts on their lives through cooperation.

Turen and kin were able to escape to Rune after the recent attack on Payon by Schwartzvald. Turen was one of the soldiers on the airship, and may or may not have been involved in causing the cloaking device to fail. (All I'm sayin' is there might be a cross-shaped hole in the cloaking device.) His wife and children snuck across the border at around the same time. Turen and his family were reunited in Payon shortly after the battle ended.

Turen's family now lives in an undisclosed location in Rune-Midgard. Turen is unsure what to do with himself in the interim, but is considering a job teaching the sword.

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