Tsukimi Shiromori
Player Name Runa

Character Name: Tsukimi Shiromori
Secondary Name:
Race: Ailouros
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 4’10
Weight: 108
Hair Colour: Orange
Eyes Colour: Topaz
Skin Tone: Fair-skinned

Tsukimi’s appearance was created to satisfy the demand for more lolicon-esque girls at the brothel that commissioned her. Thus she is very child-like in appearance; looking as if she had just hit puberty. Her hair is orange and pulled up into twin-tails. She is very lacking in the height and curves department, the two things she is very conscious about. Tsukimi constantly tries to make herself more womanly somehow, but always ends up looking like a child who rummaged through her mother’s closet to play dress up. She even goes to the extremes of stuffing her breasts and hips to give herself some fake curves (and they usually fall out because she moves around too much). She does show signs of growing though, at a really slow rate.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral Evil

Tsukimi is a high-energy drama queen. She has the habit of blowing things out of proportions. For example if she buys a piece of fruit from the marketplace and realize that it doesn’t taste as sweet as it looks, she would have this idea that there is a large conspiracy behind all of this where people are hidden away in an underground base somewhere mass-producing fake apples to scam people. She basically is very lacking in common-sense and can’t analyze the situation in a normal manner. Tsukimi can be very dense, and almost idiotic. She always makes things very flashy, even though she’s supposed to be a ninja.

As a part of the Selestus Seis, Tsukimi tries very hard to be evil but almost always fails. By herself she is a total loser, but strangely in the presence of a comrade she becomes very capable. Deep down, Tsukimi is a very sweet and kind-hearted girl, which is one of the reasons why she always fails to be evil. She can also be very passionate, to the point of being a fan-girl over something she likes/respects. She has a huge-ego too, immediately warming up to anyone who praises her and breaks down when insulted. She gets really competitive with people for no particular reason and declares them as her enemies/rivals even though they have no intentions of competing with her.

On a side note, she has a strong napoleon/midget complex.


Character Age: 18
Birthdate: September 13
Birthplace: ???
Occupation: Selestus Seis 4th Division Member.

Tsukimi was originally commissioned by a brothel as one of their new cat girls. Luckily she escaped enslavement through the help of a man who had a strong disbelief in slavery and seemed to have hated the Rekenber Corporation. He was originally from Amatsu and he gave her the name ‘Tsukimi’ because he had met her during the Mid-Autumn festival. Moon-viewing was an activity he had done together with his family during this holiday and he was stricken by home-sickness. Tsukimi stayed with him during his travels, taking on his last name. She was often an accomplice of his in the attempts to free slaves. Unfortunately it was during one of these ‘missions’ that a mistake cost him his life.

Tsukimi’s resentment towards slavery grew and she believed she must carry out her savior’s dream of freedom for all. She joined the Selestus Seis because she believed they shared the same purpose as her.


Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Mochi, Dangos and Chestnuts
Special Skills:

  • Tsukimi is a fan-girl of the 1st division leader. She dreams of being in the first division, but fails to get promoted in because of her inconsistent skills.
  • She actually has a strong love for cute things such as a cute clothes and headgears, though she would deny it because she wants to be more mature and womanly and say she likes sexy and womanly clothes
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