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Deadman Syndrome: (can be transmitted by blood & can become airborne)

It is a rare illness that some acquire from the Trial of Suffering. The poison which is used is specially crafted and is highly dangerous if mishandled.

The effects of Deadman Syndrome are not always immediate and can occur at any time after one survives the Trial of Suffering. Generally it occurs with individuals with irregularities or gene mutations.

Because of these irregularities/gene mutations the poison is able to survive after the three day window it reeks havoc on the person's body. Because it is able to survive it is allowed to mutate into a greater poison. The rate at which this occurs though is unknown because every body has a different catalyst which triggers the development in the person's body.

First the infected area begins to itch — this is the developing stage of the poison. To counteract the poison one must do the following:

  • Bathe the infect area in white potions 5 times a day.
  • Repeat process till the infected area ceases to itch.

If the infected area secretes a black liquid the poison is in it's final stage, and at any time can begin spreading the poison throughout the body. The reason the infected area secretes this black liquid is because of the body's internal defensive mechanism to reject irregularities from the blood stream is kicking in. Though the body physically repeals some of the poison out from the infected area it is still not enough, and the poison will spread to the rest of the body. Being unable to reject enough poison from the body the poison will travel up the infected arm, into the chest cavity where it will branch out to the other regions of the body.

Most individuals end up losing an arm or forearm, because they have to sever the infected area from the body to stop it from spreading to the chest cavity.

With the disassembled appendage now severed one most burn it with a certain magical spell known as ' Sumra '. After which it is important to drown the cremating appendage with distilled water. This process is very important to follow — if it is not followed verbatim you could be putting a town at risk.

Note: It is very important to have anyone who has not undergone the trial of suffering roughly 10-15 feet away from the appendage being burned. This is because the fumes emitting from the appendage are hazardous. These fumes contain an airborne version of the poison which causes the Deadman Syndrome, and anyone not use to the poison is capable of contracting it. Thus with it being such a potent version of the poison the likelihood of those inhaling the fumes dying is 99.5%.

The ashes of the cremated appendage then needs to be collected. This is to reduce the chance of an epidemic from occurring, and also to prevent the remains from being used to create extremely powerful poison. The remains then need to placed with a special ore called, " Agitone ", which nullifies all remains of the poisons — leaving behind no hazardous waste.

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