Tithaefarason Serefel Mathens
Player Name Skylar

Character Name: Tithaefarason Serefel Mathens
Secondary Name: Tithae
Race: Alfar
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eyes Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Soft peach

Tithaefarason, thanks to his Alfar heritage, was born their with their youth and brilliant, captivating beauty with soft, feminine-like features with bright blue eyes framed by soft white hair always kept washed and combed down and warm peach skin glowing in health, though soft in color, and free of scars and markings. His nails are always trimmed short and filed smooth, and his teeth are always a healthy white. In short, Tithaefarason can almost always be seen clean and healthy. In comparison to other Alfar, he can also be considered short.
Tithae’s normal outfit consists of robes or other fancier outfits, all of which are made of a higher quality than clothes generally seen in Midgard, and all of which are kept just as clean as he keeps himself, and with as few wrinkles as possible.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral

In contrast to his older brothers, Tithaefarason is genuinely polite to everyone he meets, excluding any Svartalfar, and is especially polite to the humans, and the furred races as he and the other Alfar are merely guests in their world. He is pacifistic, avoiding conflicts and preferring others do the same, and will sometimes voice this, though he is not so naïve to think that fights will never occur. He is also a major lover of beauty, so much so that he is flirtatious towards women, though this is a result of both his polite nature and his love of beauty. Religiously, Tithae is a serious worshiper of the god Freyr, and excludes Freyja from his worships because of her favoring the Svartalfar.
Concerning his lengthy name, Tithaefarason will allow any non-Alfar or Svartalfar to call him Tithae for short, though the rest are left with his full first name.


Character Age: 25
Birth date: December 25th
Birth place: Alfhiem
Occupation: Unemployed

When Tithaefarason was born, his mother, weakened from her husband’s death, died in labor and was left in the care of his eldest brother, Karith, and though he was rough and unrefined, Tithaefarason grew up gentle and polite in his care. As the years passed, Tithae’s curiosity grew with him. Eventually, asked to visit Midgardr, and though Karith had refused, the young Alfar begged day in and day out until he got the answer he wanted, though he hadn’t counted on the work that would ensue. From then onward, Tithaefarason had the human language drilled into his head, along with names of the regions, their leaders and the cities they were made up of, as well as monsters that plagued the lands, all of which took several years for the over-eager Alfar to learn by heart. But eventually he had managed, and was taken to the world of humans, though was only permitted to watch them from afar and only under Karith’s protective watch, though he did on occasion attempt to sneak off on his own.


·Karith – Eldest Brother

Tithaefarason’s eldest brother. Despite being loyal to Karith, Tithae still makes trouble for the elder Alfar as most youth do when concerning their caretakers.

·Faeron –Older Brother

Tithaefarason’s brother closest to him in age. Despite being picked on by Faeron, Tithae still has a bond with his brother like all brothers do, and a much stronger one than Karith and Faeron share by far.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Sweets.
Special Skills: Healing magic.

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