Terrance Swifty
Player Name Urufu

Character Name: Terrance Swifty.
Secondary Name: N/a.
Race: Unknown.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Unknown.


Height: 5'9".
Weight: Unknown.
Hair Colour: Dark Brown.
Eyes Colour: Amber.
Skin Tone: Light Peach.

Terrance isn't too tall, standing at the average height of a normal human. He normally keeps his dark brown hair slicked back with a few stray strands hung down over his face. He keeps his sunglasses on mostly all the times during the day, but at night he takes them off revealing his strange amber hues. On a side note if you look to the picture(below) you can see claws, and fangs on Terrance - this was a result of filing both his nails, and his canines. Also looking to the picture you can see Terrance is very munch in shape; broad shoulders, wide chest, well crafted arms/legs, and a slender waist. Despite being what some people call evil his body truly is a godly crafted masterpiece.

Voice; is chilling, and is as sharp as a dagger. He talk with a relaxed tone despite what he is either hit with or dealt. His voice sometimes trails off when he realizes he's said something he shouldn't have. Rarely though his voice is seductive, but he seems to use it to appeal to the better taste of his female prey.

Movement; his movement are very covered. He doesn't seem to make a unplanned movement, and always seems to be ready for something or someone to attack him. So he typically has a steady calm movement that seems to be relaxed despite his planned reckless behavior.

Laugh; his laugh is very sinister. Often at times it is low, and held under his breath - specially when he is faced with something he finds interesting. When he is either impressed or enjoying himself he lets out a mild laughter. His laugh never seems to progress to sound like a mad man, but just hearing it anyone can tell this man is bad to the bone.

Posture; is typically relaxed, and rather laid back. When he finds himself in a pickle though any blind idiot can see the change in his posture because it straights up signaling his seriousness. Like any creature his posture often changes to fit the situation, but most of the time he uses it to lure prey in.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Chaotic Evil.

External Qualities- Regardless of his covered physical appearance Terrance acts reckless, and playful around both new, and reoccurring acquaintances. Thus in doing so he is able to draw out a person's true weaknesses. So a side from reckless/playful he often at times acts like an actor to gain, and accumulate useful information.

Internal Qualities- Its simple look at the quote below this paragraph. Terrance is a hunter its as simple as that. He enjoys the sport & thrill of the hunt whether its monsters or people he is hunting. Something most people get confused about with him is that they believe he enjoys killing people which in fact he doesn't. After his whole Moscovia chaos he grew out of the whole likeness to kill and now its nothing, but another morbid feeling to him.

Mental Characteristics- In the words of an average joe "He's a fricken crazy! Run for your life or he'll kill you!!" Surprisingly that is somewhat true, but Terrance doesn't really like to kill all the time. If he's interested in something he'll long out the process or spare the persons life in order to hunt them again. In honesty 80% of the usage of Terrance's brain is derived from sane thoughts, and ideas.

Emotional Characteristics- Terrance is a very expressive person when he interacts with others. When he is happy he'll grin, chuckle, and act playful. When he is upset he becomes relaxed, serious, and snappy. Basically Terrance is a walking-talking-ticking time bomb of emotions, but he doesn't seem to really show a grieving side. Though rare incidents can spark such emotions, but is it -extremely- rare to happen let alone see.


Character Age: Twenty-two.
Birthdate: Unknown.
Birthplace: Unknown.
Occupation: Ex-Fisherman.

Born in the kingdom of Moscovia Terrance was the son of a fisherman. As a child he grew up fishing, gutting out fish, and cooking them. When Terrance was age ten though he began developing a urge to catch things that were a bit harder. So he began hunting birds, and small monsters with his gutting knife. Even after doing so for a couple of years he grew bored, and decided he'd hunt them differently. Filing his teeth, and nails he gave himself fangs as well as claws which he used to hunt with. Of course by doing so he gained a good portion of attention from the section of town he lived in. As time progressed Terrance slowly became the kingdom's outcast - it got to the point where they began segregating him from the self deemed normal citizens. The result of this lead Terrance to aim towards more intelligible prey, the citizens in town which treated him poorly.


  • Charleston Swifty: (Father) he died shortly after Terrance filed his nails, and teeth. His body was found float next to the dock with a bottle in his hand. Charleston was known for being a drinker, and it was deemed by officials that he got drunk - fell in the water - and drown.
  • Madelin'e Swifty: (Mother) she died recently of natural causes. She merely aquired too manys years of life, and died from it aka dying of old age.
  • Noris Wernicker: (Brother) he doesn't particularly care for Terrance. Ever since their youth Noris grew apart from his brother. Currently Noris is alive, but he has basically cut off all ties with his brother with no intention on looking or bothering with his brother (as well as his brother's affairs).
  • An'nia Wernicker: (Sister-in-Law) she married Noris before Terrance left Moscovia. Her relationship let alone feelings for Noris' brother Terrance are unknown.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Unknown.
Special Skills: Hunting, Infiltration, Spying, and Torture.

  • Terrance has filed his nails into claws and has sharpened his teeth into fangs.
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