Character Name: Tennolan
Secondary Name:
Race: Svartalf
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight as a Rod


Tennolann is a youthful if a bit plain looking Svartalf Knight whose bearing marks that of a military upbringing from birth. Tennolan prefers matte black lacqured armor. Tennolan herself is lean and muscular, with her body structure resembling that of a gymnast. While the usual dark skin tone of all Svartalfar, Tennolan has especially dark patches around her major muscle groups and joints, a result of the Darkening. Tennolan's eyes are especially dark as well, with the whites of her eyes more of a dark grey.

Height: 5'10
Weight: 177
Hair Colour: Dark Blue
Eyes Colour: Black
Skin Tone: Light Brown, varies to dark brown in places.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Nuetral
Tennolan has the bright view of a new soldier to the world. At the striking age of twenty four, she has already seen military service since she was considered fully grown at the age of eighteen. This young attitude reeks of a Junior Officer new to the world and commanding. Except, Tennolan has no command.


Character Age: 24
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Svartalfheim
Occupation: Mercenary

Born to no known parents, Tennolan was brought into an orphange designed to train soldiers for the defense and offense of Svartalfheim. Introduced to the structured order of a military lifestyle from basically day one, she has grown up around soldiers all her life, and has taken the mannerisms of one at an early age. It was when she was eighteen she got taken from her Academy life to the organization known as Svarthrid.

Having learned its purpose, she decided that the members of Svarthrid could teach her more practical knowledge then most of the theories and excercises practiced in the Academy, and at the bright young age of nineteen, entered true military service, far before her peers could even consider that vague dream becoming a reality.

Five years later, Tennolan has found herself sharpened to a razor's edge, with her most recent battle being the Invasion of Payon by Schwartzvald Troops. Having handily proved her worth against some of the best of the Schwartzvald armed forces, she has been content to return to her drills and training against the various monsters of the world.

It was in a bar with a few other members of Svarthrid which she heard about the Death Guidance. This sword was said to have been cursed with the power to destroy all in its path. This sword, she had decided, would prove to the Allgemeine that she was the equal of any other Svartalf.

Going AWOL from Svarthrid, she left the group and under the guidance of Thor to hunt for the Death Guidance. Finding it in an underground cavern with Lord Thor's assistance, she took the blade and returned to Rune Midgard… where she learned that the sword, and swordsmanship in general were a dying thing of the past, and to be effective, swordsman had to wield a spear.

Becoming bitter over this, she threw herself into her training, becoming one of the fiercest spear knights around. This, of course, didn't matter that much over the long run. During this training, she came to Lord Thor's attention as a disciple. It was at the end of this depressive streak that she had fallen to the great Ice Salamander Ktullunux, one of Thor's guardian creatures.

Lord Odinsson came to her with a choice. Become a Valkyrja, become an Einherjar, or serve Thor personally. Tennolan made the choice to serve Thor personally, and now serves as a 'Bringer of War.'


*Perrin The second of Tennolan's teachers, Perrin is one of her hand to hand combat instructors and his methodical combat style is something she appreciates. Perrin has taught her a multitude of the various weapons that she would use, as befits his station as Master of Arms
*Mazrim Tennolan's father figure one and her first teacher, he treats her with the respect he thinks she deserves, which is more or less how she does in their sparring. So far, Tennolan has gotten her ass kicked left and right by him.
*Canas Rude, arrogant and a general ass, Tennolan doesn't like him at all but can respect what he is capable of.

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