Appearance: Svartalf are psychically pleasing to look at like their brethren the Alfars, but the Svartalf have dark skin often in different shades of brown. They too also stop aging in their 20s at their prime. They are slight more physically fit then the Alfar and most of the time their facial expressions seem angry or annoyed.

Max Height: 6'8".

Life Expectancy: 2,780 years old.

Dominant Traits: Arrogant, Bold, Strong, Wise, and Malicious.

About the Race: The Svartalf, the dark elves, entered Mannheim's Midgard at the same time as their brethren the Alfar. Similar to the Alfar's reaction the Svartalf weren't expecting to see a large amount of life let alone a developed society. Known for being cruel they were also wise and went about using what they had found to their advantage. While the Alfars were busy taking most of the Hume's attention with their teachings of magic, archery, and martial arts. With eye diverted from them they went about forming the Assassin Guild which developed into a rather prosperous cult of sorts, worshiping darker gods that the Svartalf tricked them into believing in, while playing the part of the messengers. At the same time, a couple of Svartalfs had attempted to take over the famous Rogue Guild but had no luck. Their failure wasn’t in being over powered, or out smarted but in the lack of monarchy or even a social structure within their guild. When they had attempted to rule with force, the result was quite similar to a bar fight. Results of this ended with a poor relationship between the Rogue Guild and the Svartalfs. It wasn't until after the incident with the Rogue Guild that Svartalfs began to focus more on what they original had, the Assassin Guild. Teachings of 'black magic' soon began and members of the guild that had learn this magic was believed to be able to vanish out of thin air with leave or notice. Going even farther the Svartalfs introduced the use of poisons in combat teaching how to create deadly poisons as well as serenading the blades in the poisons for faster and easier kills. Despite their well known guild the Assassin Guild is one of the most mysterious guilds around because hardly anything is known about it.

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