Svana Eir
Player Name Swan

Character Name: Svana Eir
Secondary Name: Svanhvít, Swan, MF-06R71,
Race: MF-06
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Men


Height: 5'7
Weight: 130
Hair Colour: Cerulean
Eyes Colour: Pale blue
Skin Tone: Pale

Svana dyes her hair like she changes her clothing. Her appearance is constantly changing as she tries to find one she is comfortable with. Hardly ever in any other clothing aside from her High Wizard robes, the MF-06 constantly wears false tips over her ears to disguise her race. When she feels she should be intimidated she taked on the look of a deer in headlights - but when it comes down to it Svana can take care of herself, employing the use of water based spells she loves the wet and the snow and can often be seen with small flakes of snow in her hair.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral

Slow to anger, and hard to calm down Svana does her best to avoid conflict, though once engaged she does her best to render her enemy useless for several days. Quick to trust, and easy to be trusted Svana puts on the air of a foreigner leaving her room to explain her odd tendancies or unfimiliarness with the 'civilized world'.


Character Age: 148
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Lighthalzen
Occupation: Monster Specialist

MF-06R71 (or Svanhvít which she was known as only by fellow MF-06's) Her supervisor was a woman with the last name Rumen, the woman and herself hardly exchanged words during her years at the facility. Escaping among a group of several other MF-06, MF-06R71 quickly went seperated from them when it was decided a group would attract too much attention.

Shortly after escaping MF-06R71 took on the name Haldgurd Svanhvít (After the Valkyrie) as a full time alias, keeping her hair swan-white as her name implyed. Closing herself up in a building for weeks at a time Svanhvít devoured books, learning everything she could possibly learn from the books she had access to. This led her to start a small libary, the books ranging from childrens story books, to cookbooks to biographies. Her favorite books to pick up, and will still read often were books on the various monsters around the world. After she started to be social around Lutie, a tip about her location was shortly followed by a raid upon her building. Narrowly escaping when she hid herself among the snow drifts in Garms domain she fled to Rune and moved quickly to Manuk. Taking up the name Svana Eir, meaning Swan-Peace. She opted to keep to herself and be as quiet and peaceful as possible as it seemed this was the only way to keep her race hidden.

She tells people she moved from Lutie to Manuk when she was fourty when her parents moved had decided to move to Morroc for warmer climates. Svana has lived in Manuk since she was fourty, but even at 148 years old she still only appears in her early fifties.


  • Turen Darastir: A fellow MF-06 Svana escaped with. Svana has recognized him in the towns of Payon, though she hasn't revealied herself to him. Where she had altered her appearence for fear of being caught, Turen seems confident the Schwartzvald government won't find him.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Anything sweet
Special Skills: Monster knowledge,

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