Sumra Definition

"What is Sumra?"

Sumra is one of many ancient spells which the society has developed over years. It is somewhat of a offensive healing flame.

Originally it was developed as a spell to torture individuals the society wanted or need to interrogate. When used on ordinary flesh with no chemicals being on the flesh — it worked very well. It would burn the flesh severely, and then heal. It was used over, and over again to trick the person's body into thinking it was burning to death though no visible harm was done to the body.

Often at times the victims would be blindfolded so they wouldn't be able to see themselves heal after the immense pain.

Over time the society figured out that the spell became tainted if poison was present. If poison is in the blood stream or on the skin of a certain area — that area will not heal, but instead burn until it turns to ash.

It wasn't until recent years that it started being used to dispose of limbs infected with the Deadman Syndrome.

Sumra Description

"What does it look like?"

It is a wild green flame. Normally it comes in the form of a ball, but the flame can be smeared over an area to lengthen it's mass.

The flame is almost whipping about and crackling. It comes off as a very hard spell to maintain, and it is assumed by outsiders that have witness it and lived — that the flame and catch fire for the user if they are not careful (this is false).

Also the flame never touches the users skin (unless they are smearing it on something). When the flame is conjured it levitates about the users hand or hands, and remains a float till used or canceled.

Sumra What is It?

The society believes that Sumra is a person's life force which is funneled through five of the six portals of the body to the hands — where the life force is manipulated and crafted into a offensive healing flame (Sumra).

When the flame is used on someone or something the life force which is being used leaves the person's body, and attacks the targets exterior life force (or Aura). Seeing how no same Aura is present amongst individuals the pure life force assumes there is an irregularity, and attacks. The flame eats away at the flesh until it is able to get to a portal. When the flame burns down to a portal the burnt area is regenerated/healed/restored back to their original status. It isn't until poison is located on the skin or in the blood stream that the spell becomes uncontrollable. The poison is one of the greatest impurities of the body, and soul. Because of this the spell does everything it can to obliterate everything effected by the impurities (unfortunately it is unable to eliminate the poison which remains in the ashes of the target).

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