Stop Metto's Research

Requirements: None
Quest Reward: 10 Yellow Gemstone or 5 Blue Gemstone

1. Proceed to the item shop in Juno and talk to the NPC Wagan (195,140).

2. Wagan will ask for help in solving a problem with the Mad Scientist Metto.

3. Proceed to the building (The Monster Museum) in Juno to find Metto (278,290).

4. Talk to Metto and stop him from making his experiments.

5. Go and find Stangekle, (51,151-lower left) and stop his experiment.

6. Go back to Metto.

7. Go and find Kato, (50,105-lower left corner) and stop him too.

8. Go back to Metto.

9. Go and Find CiCi in the Sage Test building (323,280).

10. Return to Metto, and he will claim that he won't do any research again. At this time, return to Wagan.

11. Wagan will give 10 Yellow Gemstones or 5 Blue Gemstones as a reward.

This quest is a part of the God Items Quest, but can be completed independently of it.

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