Stellatrine Verdant
Stellatrine kerisu

Character Name: Stellatrine Verdant
Secondary Name: Stella, Latrine
Race: Alfar
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual


Height: 6'
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Colour: White
Eyes Colour: Blue
Skin Tone: Rosy

Stella's hair is long and white, with sort of a bluish sheen to it. She likes to wear it down, with the sides pulled back. She has long, slender hands and ears, which are often inexplicably cold. Her eyes are blue, but if you look closely, there are little flecks of green around the edges. She loves to wear rich blue flowing robes and silver Jewelery

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Good

Stella is a very emotional girl who follows the teachings of Freyr. She is Compassionate, Sympathetic, and Loving, sometimes to a fault. She has no problem trusting strangers. Stella has almost no emotional barriers, which is why she is so easily affected. She is quick to tears, even if they are on someone elses' behalf. Despite her weaknesses, she remains cheerful and forgiving. When prompted, Stella can be quite the chatterbox, with a tendancy towards rambling. She can also be an airhead.


Character Age: 44
Birthdate: January 3
Birthplace: Alfheim
Occupation: Tea distributor/gardener

Stella was born in Alfheim, with her mother and father. Her father is an alchemist, and her mother specializes in Earth magic. Growing up, her mother taught her earth magic, and her father taught her about herbs. When she turned 40, she wanted to see if she could make it as a professional mage, and travelled to Midgard to enroll in the Sage's Academy in Yuno. She didn't make it in, but fell in love with Midgard… Specifically Lutie, Where she decided to stay. She got some money from her parents to buy a cottage and a greenhouse in Lutie, where she could live and grow herbs to sell. Lutie has a high demand for hot drinks, so she grows tea-leaves and sells them to local cafes. She also make some of her own blends and sells those on the ground floor of her cottage, which she turned into a little shop. She sells tea, herbs, and flowers from her greenhouse. She doesn't make much money, but is able to live comfortably with the money her parents still send her. While in Lutie, she met a nice old couple that gave her ice-magic lessons.


  • Giles Verdant: Stella's crazy cousin
  • Edan Fuinur Paisean: Stella has a bit of a crush on Edan, and is deeply moved by his sad story.
  • Opsend: Stella finds Opsend to be very kind and gentle, though sometimes he goes a bit too far in his jokes.
  • Bernard Calderon: When Edan fell asleep in Payon, everyone started messing with him. Bernard took the Cake when he shot Edan Twice, and did not appologize.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Cake
Special Skills: gardening, tea-brewing, ice magic, earth magic
Likes: Cute things, Animals, shiny or sparkly things
Dislikes: heat, mean people, sad stories

Stellatrine prefers to be called Stella, as opposed to her other nickname, Latrine.

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