Spy Quest

Base Level Requirements: I don't know?
Item Requirements: 1 Violin, 1 Fried Monkey Tails
Zeny Requirements: 500,000
Quest Rewards: 600,000 Base EXP, Jewelry Box

1. Talk to Rooney in Prontera, who needs help delivering a letter to Lasda Midar the bard. (Kid Prontera 202, 122)

2. Talk to Lasda Midar, and give him the letter. He reads it and gives you the money to pay Rooney (prt_church 89,108).

3. Give the money to Rooney.

4. Go back to Lasda, who asks if you can help him get his friend is being held in the Morroc jail.

5. Go to the Morroc jail and talk to Jesse the Prison Ward (moc_castle 137, 88). He asks for 1 Fried Monkey Tails, and then he'll let you in to visit Vitre.

6. Bring 1 Fried Monkey Tails dish to Prison Ward.

7. Talk to Sir Krieg in the Morroc Castle (moc_castle 173, 122) who tells you Vitre is in prison for espionage. He won't let you visit him unless you know him personally or can get someone to write explaining why you should be able to visit.

8. Go back to Lasda, and tell him what Krieg said. He writes you a letter of recommendation to bring to Krieg.

9. Take the letter to Krieg, who says he holds Lasda in high regard, and will tell the Warden to allow you speak with Vitre.

10. Talk to the Warden, who lets you in to the prisoner area.

11. Talk to the "Upset Looking Bard" in the jail cell, Vitre, who says he has no clue why he's there. He asks for your help getting him out, but needs a Violin and Megaphone.

12. Go to the Comodo Dancer Guild, and talk to the Dance Instructor (job_dancer 93, 107). She'll lend you a megaphone if you escort some of her dancers to the Schwartzvald Republic.

13. After agreeing, talk to the Cheerful Dancer (job_dancer xxx,xxx) and she takes you to meet the others on the Airship.

14. Talk to the Mature Dancer, and after an announcement that the ship is about to land in Einbroch, you disembark and find yourself inside the Einbroch Hotel.

15. If you enter the portal next to you, you find the dancers performing for a group of people, including a Rekenber PR Representative and Arunafeltz priest. Walk around the spot (176, 283) until a conversation between the Rekenber employee and priest starts.

16. Go back through the portal and talk to the Hotel Manager to receive your payment.

17. Travel to Comodo again, and talk to the Dance Instructor, who sells you a Megaphone for 500,000 Zeny.

18. Bring the Megaphone and Violin (Purchasable in Comodo) back to Vitre. Vitre takes the two and blows incredibly hard, blowing the cell door off. You make your escape outside with him.

19. Finding yourself back in Morroc, talk to Vitre again. He asks you to meet several people for him.

Chada in Prontera (109, 161)
Ghez in Geffen (196, 167)
Nosdan in Comodo (135, 299)

20. Talk to each of them, and pay attention to their song. Go back to Vitre and tell him what they said.

21. Just before you tell Vitre, a Rune-Midgard secret service agent appears, and they haul Vitre off to the slammer again. The agent tells you to go back to Lasda.

22. Talk to Lasda, and receive some base experience and a Jewelry Box.

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