Somnus Erulae
Player Name Aviyara

Character Name: Somnus Erulae
Secondary Name: Ranger
Race: Svartalf
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Hetero


Height: 6'8
Weight: 165
Hair Colour: Dark gold, as if alloyed with copper
Eyes Colour: Gold
Skin Tone: Fully Darkened

Somnus' parents both had recessive haircolors - his father's hair was copper, while his mother's was a fine golden hue. He has inherited a mix of their colors thanks to their genetics.

His work outfits are usually flexible yet form-fitting, befitting his employment as a tracker. Color schemes depend on the job at hand - if on a forest assignment he will favor browns and greens, but in city work he will often switch to brown and dark red, brick colors. The exception is what he affectionately calls his "dress uniform," a golden-hued set of flexible scale armor his mother had crafted for him. This outfit is reserved for special occasions.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral Good

A friend once described Somnus as a troublemaker; it is a fairly adept assessment. He is dominated by his curious side, which will often get him into trouble when he pokes his nose in places it doesn't belong. He loves new places, new sights, asking questions, and understanding how things (and people) work.

When conversing with his fellow svartalfar Somnus seems almost bored. Around humans he has his race's typical air of casual superiority, although it drops fairly quickly if the human in question can surprise or intrigue him. The Furred races inspire mixed reactions - enslaved ones inspire confusion ("why would something so strong allow itself to be owned by a human?"), freed Furred fascinate him. He also admits to a degree of enthrallment with the Kumiho-geisha of the Island Nations, primarily due to a desire to understand what makes them somehow more respected than the other Furred. He has never met an MF-06, and has only ever met one alfar.


Character Age: 52
Birthdate: April 3, YOB 14680
Birthplace: Svartalfholdt
Occupation: Tracker, repossessions official, occasional assassin.

Somnus Erulae was born to Regius Erulae and his wife Mela (née Seria) in the Year of Our Banishment 14,680. His ears were Darkened at birth by his uncle Narol in accordance with tradition. He attended Academy for the requisite twenty-five years; he performed well in the physical sciences of biology and alchemy, was a mediocre student of the liberal arts, and had below-average grades in mathematics. His performance on the Physical Aptitude Test was 802/1000, above average, but not by much. He graduated in the upper quarter of his class at the typical age of thirty.

He was accepted into the Alchemist Caste shortly after graduation, where his mother encouraged him to become a biologist. He quickly discovered he preferred observing animal behavior to dissecting animal organs. After five years of membership he was permitted to transfer into the Forestal Caste, where he became a ranger in the Svartwöden. After several successful rescues and two papers on rare indigenous species, he was encouraged by a coworker to take up tracking.

At the age of fifty his father coerced him to return home from the forest, where he was forced to go through with the Full Darkening ceremony. While he would later come to appreciate the benefits of the Darkening, he was initially resentful of his father for forcing him to endure the procedure (described by some as a white-hot agony), a resentment that has remained in small amounts to this day. As soon as physically capable, he returned to the forest.

The Darkening aided him greatly in his duties as a tracker - the enhanced sensitivity to the flow of Life gave him, in essence, a sixth sense to use in monitoring the forest around him. It was not long before his uncanny knack for finding lost things brought him to the attention of several wealthier patrons, who managed to convince him into finding people as well.

At the time of this writing, Somnus has been stationed in Midgard in the human nation of Rune for a little under a year. He is currently in between jobs, which has given him time to stabilize his living situation as well as meet new people. His current housemate is an alfar named Amalthea, the first alfar he has ever met, with whom he has developed a close-knit relationship.


  • Amalthea Minuialwen: Somnus first met Amy in the woods just south of Payon, when returning from a tracking job that devolved into an assassination. In his own words, "I was making my way through the woods when I was suddenly struck dumb by the sight of a moonlit goddess leaning against a tree. Her eyes were following the animals, and she had a light smile on her perfect face… a sight that quickly replaced itself with the wood of a bow as I stepped forward to introduce myself." Initially distrustful and harboring valid concerns about the dark elf's intent, Amy has since become Somnus' closest friend in Midgard. After spending several nights in shared housing, the two have taken the first few steps down a tentative romance.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Somnus will try anything once, and actively prefers food he has never tried before. Deep-fried sidewinder was by far the most exotic thing he has ever tried.
Special Skills: Somnus has an almost preternatural ability to find things. He is also exceptionally good with his hands, and has a host of trivia tidbits at his disposal in strange situations.

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