Skylar Illes
Player Name Skylar

Character Name: Skylar Illes
Secondary Name: Sky
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Height: 5'6”
Weight: 121lbs
Hair Colour: Bleached Blonde
Eyes Colour: Hazel
Skin Tone: Intermediate-14 (

Skylar resembles both his parents greatly, taking on the Intermediate skin tone commonly found in Prontera and the brown hair of his father. From his mother, Skylar inherited his hazel eyes and much of her other physical attributes such as her soft facial features and her slim, lithe body type giving him a sparing touch of an effeminate appearance. However, unlike both his parents who stand above and below average, Skylar himself stands smack in the middle at average. While originally brown, as previously stated, Skylar’s hair is now blonde as a result of bleaching with lemon juice and spending a lot of time in the sun.
Despite being born to a very religious parentage, Skylar lays no real emphasis on modesty. His outfit consists of a simple blue vest, a pair of blue pants with white fur at the cuffs, and a pair of boots. Around his waist, holding his pants up, is a simple belt with white studs and a skull on the belt buckle. Around his neck hangs a rosary on a necklace of blessed prayer beads, and on both wrists blue wristbands with small quartz spikes.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral

Skylar is a fairly chilled kid, usually relaxed though always open to the chance to pull someone’s chain or lighten the mood. Usually, he is generous and often willing to lend a hand though reluctant to do anything he feels is overly dangerous or risky, such as going to deep in a dungeon to fetch a pair of gloves for someone. That’s not to say, however, that he is a coward as he is all too willing to put himself at risk to help a close friend or family member. He simply just does not see the point in risking his life for objects of slaughter. This does not mean he is a naive pacifist, though as he is capable of self defense and understands its necessity in situations entirely. Nor does it mean his is religious to any great extent, despite his accessories and religious parentage.
In an act of rebellion, Skylar took lemon juice to his hair, attacking the natural brown color and bleaching it blonde, as well as refusing to go by anything but Sky, a self picked nickname. He had also joined the thief guild, and though he doesn’t commonly steal, or do anything the guild is infamous for, he is by no means incapable of it. As a rule, Skylar keeps his profession a secret, rarely showing his skills in combat, theft, or stealth to anyone, and even then, only when necessary.


Character Age: 15
Birthdate: August 11th
Birthplace: Prontera
Occupation: Thief


Pacing back and forth, Sir Mathews, a Knight of the Prontera army was a brave, proud man who was ever vigilant, ready to take on any foe that crossed his path, a truly relentless soldier, but an ever ready husband who loved his wife and his only son. But today, he faced a foe he could not prepare for, a foe to much for him. Today, his wife was to give birth to his second child, and the midwives had pushed him out of the room. Today, his enemy was life itself as he was forced to wait, and pace, and wait some more as he listened to the pains of his beloved. The birth of his last one had been painful, he remembered, for himself. Thrice he had tried to push his way into the room to get to his wife. The first time he was shoved out, the second he had found just what it had been like for his sparing partner when he head butted him in his helmet. The third time, he had received a kick between the legs and shoved on his ass and there laid in a cursing heap. Today, he wore armor and a cup! But he still dared not risk the wrath of the birth maidens. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
It was ages, years it felt like, before he was let back in. The baby had been born! As he strode into the candle lit room, cut off from the rest of his house by a small curtain, a curtain he could never pass without permission. Permission! In his own house! Oh how his fellow men laughed at him, and how he laughed back when their women showed up in a fiery rage for the small things of a woman’s woes. A quick glance about the room, and he swore to never have another child, the murderous women known simply as birth maidens had brought clubs with them. Large, heavy clubs. He wasn’t even sure they could lift any of them. And there, in the center of the room like a fragile angel lighting up the entire candle lit room, laid his dear wife. All of hell could not have stopped him from running the last few steps as he descended upon his wife, falling to the side of the bed on his knees and simply gazing on her tired form. And then he fainted, the sight of his own son.

.::Thief-Hood. Age 10::.

As with any child born to a religious family, Skylar was raised by with devotion to the Lord, although he himself was never so devout. Around the age of ten, Sky had begun to be bullied but the sons of the Knights common in Prontera, because he generally far weaker than the rest. He was, however, very agile a fairly skilled pickpocket and a mischievous thief. Being handy with a bow didn’t help his trickery-loving personality, either, and was often seen fleeing with a bow in hand, or slinking off with a dagger concealed in his sleeve. Around this time, Skylar joined the infamous Thieves Guild while on a trip to Morroc with his elder brother. The training they gave him not only gave him the upper hand in fleeing or even fighting the more bulky Swordsmen.

.::Age 15, Stalker::.

Between now and his joining the Thieves Guild, Skylar had ascended to the ranks to Rogue, though now he was no longer a trickster and rarely fought. The people who lived near him were relieved, though they knew not the secret he hid, few did know his profession, even those among the Thieves Guild didn’t know his face, the Roguemaster’s men aside. He was no less a trickster, however, as he loved to play practical jokes or pull someone’s chain, but his were now far less malicious than before. On the night of his fifteenth birthday, Skylar took the trials of Stalker. While young for a Transcendence Test by the standers of many other guilds, the Thieves were genenrally younger than others anyways, and cared little for their own besides. With hard work and much difficulty, and the heavy use of a plagiarized spell, Skylar managed to claim the title, but only by a margin.


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Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Muffins
Special Skills: Theft, Archery, Dagger-Use.

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