Player Name GM Wolf

Race: Æsir.


Skag has a build much like his father. He is very well built, and his strength is capable of matching his father's. Skag has six arms which he is incapable of getting rid of or hiding. His arms alone without weaponry are true testaments to his strength (on a quest Thor sent him on he defeated Naught Seiger bareheaded). Skag is generally dresses in robes, and leather armor (but it searching for armor). The colors of these robes and leather armors are white, orange, and red. His skin is not grey, but rather a darker color of mocha.

What is Known

Skag is the son of Vidarr and Lyndisbrag. Lyndisbrag is an Ice Jotunn that Vidarr encountered, and later bedded. Years later Skag started to become more social amongst the Aesir for his rebellious acts against his father. Skag hating his father's ideals and ways rebelled against his father, and claimed never to return home. Since then the Aesir has been roaming an adventuring. Upon adventuring he bumped into Thor who helped point him in the right direction on his quest to find worthy weapons to fill his vacant hands. Upon scaring off the Fallen Bishop, tearing the sword out of Seyren's hands, and beating Naught Seiger barehanded his quest came to an end. Before he left Thor he requested that his uncle call him, "Gilgamesh", a name he has taken on instead of his birth name.

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