Simon Caelin
Player Name Masaki

Character Name: Simon Caelin
Secondary Name:
Race: Alfar
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Weight: 161 lb
Hair Color: Navy Blue
Eyes Color: Cerulean
Skin Tone: Slight tan

Simon is tall, made of lean muscle and angles, with a military bearing. He’s handsome in a clean cut way and shows the grace only a well trained fighting elf will have. His chin is gentle and his nose slightly pointed. He wears his hair no lower than his chin, his longish bangs kept out of his eyes by a crimson headband. The headband bears some significance to one of his previous military engagements. Under his armor, he wears Louyang style tangzhuang, and trousers, usually dark blue. When the situation calls for it, he wears a dress uniform of black and gold, with crossed sword designs on the label for special occasions. The emblem on the uniform is evidently of a disbanded operational group. His right arm was cut off above the elbow in an accident. The artificial replacement Simon uses is usually kept wrapped in strips of cloth or covered in a heavy glove.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Good

Simon is devoted to his ideals – honor, loyalty, chivalry. He strives to fill the ideal of the perfect chivalrous knight despite his failings, and is very hard on himself when he feels he isn’t up to it. He still speaks with a bit of a rustic accent from his home town and he’s easily baited by women. It’s not that he lacks confidence, but he’s still so hard on himself that he can’t relax with women who aren’t warriors. He dislikes people he sees as untrustworthy or shady, so for him to get along around rogues, assassins, bards, and some merchants is a struggle for him. Even through his politeness the distrust can be seen. For people who do seem trustworthy, Simon is self-sacrificing and helpful.


Character Age: 61
Birthdate: June 15
Birthplace: The Alfheim town of Maple
Occupation: Soldier-for-Hire

Simon’s father was a knight who served under a local noblewoman. When the noblewoman’s son was imprisoned for treason, his Crimson Knights were disbanded, including the then-squire, Simon. Simon reluctantly became a mercenary, serving under various adventurers and military groups. In a skirmish with a bee-like monster, he lost his arm to a poisonous sting. Simon fell into despair over the loss of his arm, and with it his dream of being a knight. Only meeting a girl who wanted a bodyguard brought him out- a girl who happened to be a dragon. Simon never knew who was guarding who, but after the two went drinking together and things got out of hand, she accused him of taking advantage, to his permanent shame. His time under as a wandering mercenary is his penance. Simon now wanders aimlessly, taking jobs with little regard for pay so long as they don’t damage his wounded honor.


  • Menet Sheshafi: Simon had once been ordered by his commander to protect the odd Svartalfar woman. Despite his misgivings, he learned to accept her, finding out she was a vulnerable and scared girl despite her appearance.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Simon is fond of thick stews and chili.
Special Skills: In his spare time, Simon plays chess rather well.

Random Facts: Simon’s arm is a combination of mechanical and bioalchemical engineering. It provides some sensation, and as a result is very painful to remove for cleaning and repairs.
Fears: Simon is afraid of what he could become if he let himself- the dark thoughts that lurk around the corners of the mind and the temptations that one never voices aloud.

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