Shiori Mathens
Player Name FoxTrotMuffin

Character Name: Shiori Mathens
Secondary Name: Kumiho
Race: Kumiho
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Height: 5”3
Weight: 117 lbs
Hair Colour: Red
Eyes Colour: Deep brown
Skin Tone: Tan/Light Brown.

Shiori’s long red hair is bound near the end with a simple piece of white string. She does not look particularly strong, but her hands are nimble and she carries herself with a certain refined grace. She keeps herself neat, especially since looking attractive has become her job. Shiori is moderately pretty, nothing that would start a war but pleasant enough to look at. When allowed to dress herself she wears very modest clothing, but on Karith’s orders she has been wearing more revealing (and chilly) clothing.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Neutral

//Shiori has one main desire that overshadows everything else. She wants to study, healing in particular, although she does enjoy other subjects. Healing just interests her the most. She loves to learn, and is quite good at it. If Shiori is allowed this one thing, she will submit to any sort of authority and will be completely docile. However, if someone tries to take her books away from her or forbids her from studying, she will fight back in any way she can. Study and learning are both more important to her than her life.

Shiori is capable of taking strange or unfortunate situations in stride, and will try to remain as polite as possible. She is intelligent, slightly distant, and something of a perfectionist. She hates to fail and loves doing her best. Although she isn’t competitive by nature, if she is told something is impossible she will try very hard to prove that person wrong.//


Character Age: 12
Birthdate: February 21
Birthplace: Lighthalzen
Occupation: Slave

//Shiori grew up in the Schwartzvald Republic as a maid to an affluent household. She was bought young and trained to be a polite, hard-working, obedient servant. Her docile nature, willingness to learn, and extreme dislike of pain made her easy to train and an ideal slave. However, two things stopped her from being perfect. One was how clever she was – too clever for her own good. The other was her desire to learn. She wanted to know more than her master wanted her to. Her master tried his best to suppress this desire, but this only made Shiori want to throw herself into knowledge more.

Shiori began to disobey.

She would ‘borrow’ books from the house library and read late into the night. She would read discarded newspapers and listen attentively to everything that was said, trying to pick up as much knowledge as possible. Shiori became fascinated with healing after a priestess visited her master and snuck one of her healing texts to the curious girl. Ever since then Shiori aspired to be a priestess.

Shiori escaped after her master found out what she had been doing and restricted her freedom greatly. He went to great lengths to allow her no more books. Before then, Shiori had been terrified of leaving. Losing her books gave her the courage to risk it. Nothing was worth it if she couldn’t study. Through a stroke of luck Shiori successfully escaped.

It wasn’t too long after her escape to Rune-Midgards when she was captured again by Karith, who intended to use her as a heal slave and general moneymaker. This is where she is now, and she doesn’t see herself as too bad off. //


  • Karith Parethes Mathens: Shiori is now Karith’s slave. She doesn’t really mind it all that much so far, although she finds being whored out a little annoying. As long as he allows her to study she will be docile.
  • Tithaefarason Serefel Mathens He seems very different from his brother, more… open. Shiori’s first impression of him was good, but she wonders what his ulterior motives are.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Fish
Special Skills: Healing

  • Shiori desperately wants to visit Amatsu, but she never got the chance before Karith captured her.
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