Shikoba Usama
Shikoba kerisugi

Character Name: Shikoba Usama
Secondary Name: Shiko
Race: Ailouros
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170
Hair Colour: Cedar
Eyes Colour: Blue
Skin Tone: Sandy

Shikoba is a Siamese Ailouros, hence his blue eyes. He has Shiny brown hair, which he takes great care of. He spends about 4 hours a day grooming, so that he always looks his best when he stops hiding.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Chaotic Neutral

Like most male Ailouros, Shiko is arrogant and lazy. He enjoys being high up, above everyone, so he can keep tabs on them without being noticed.If he is spotted, However, he may lash out, run away, or, if he has finished grooming, will come out of hiding and present himself, for the benefit of all who gaze upon him. He's actually quite insecure.


Character Age: 14
Birthdate: January 13th
Birthplace: Payon
Occupation: theif

Shikoba was born a free Ailouros in Payon. His Parents, both escaped slaves, were recaptured not too long ago. Shikoba took it upon himself to find his parents, but he can only find out where they are currently located by infiltrating Rekenber corp. He became an assassin to learn the techniques he'd need to take on such a task, though he is not affiliated with any group.


  • Naira Usama: Shikoba's little sister, she's growing up, and is afraid that she may follow in his footsteps, and get herself hurt, so he tries to discourage her from doing so by belittling her, and making her unsure of herself
  • Ilya 'Lupa' Telune: She fought off a Schwaltzvalt knight that was following him in Hugel, then Warped him to Nflheim. Shikoba had found an informant in Hugel, and found Lupa's rescue to be annoying, despite the fact that she saved him from meeting the same fate as his parents.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Fish and salty meats
Special Skills: Hiding, climbing, hairstyling

Shikoba will act like an ass to anyone that he thinks won't attack him…

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