Selestus Seis

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The Selestus Seis is originally known as the “Liberation Front”, first created by Reion Crestheart . They began with the noble purpose of freeing slaves, eliminating slavery and creating a free and equal world. Their target recruits are generally the man-created races: the Kumiho, the Nanabozho, the Ailouros, and the Lupus. But they have also appealed to groups that are in the minority within the other races, growing into a totally diverse organization filled with mixed races.

It was around two decades ago when their leader passed away mysteriously and his daughter ascended to his position. Under her rule she split the organization into six divisions each to be operating under a leader whom she has selected. The group began to operate more effectively, and began to grow rapidly. Under the six new leaders, the group began to act more ruthlessly. Their members had less restraint and begun to openly break laws. Their six leaders, described to be more ruthless than the rest were often dubbed the Criminal or Accursed six. With the passing of a few more years, ‘Selestus Seis’ had replaced the original ‘Liberation Front’ as their formal name.

Currently there is talk of the Selestus Seis plotting the takeover of a kingdom to create a ‘utopia’ in which freedom and equality is abundant.

Group Members


Division 1 - The only specialized division. They are the elites of the entire organization. They typically serve as the bodyguard to the commander and carries out the most important tasks. They are also responsible for carrying out assassinations against traitors, and has been tested for their loyalty for the commander.

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Division 5

Division 6

Group Location

Region: Secret!
Town: Secret!
Building Secret!

Description: Selestus Seis does not have a set location for their headquarters. They are very spread out and will hold meetings at random times, in random places. Members are usually secretly notified to show up for the meeting.

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