Salest Mino
Player Name LightSoul

Character Name: Salest Mino
Secondary Name: Sal.
Race: Svartalf
Gender: Female.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.


Height: 5'3
Weight: 115lb
Hair Colour: White.
Eyes Colour: Auburn/Gold
Skin Tone: Light Complexion

Though it is difficult to tell, because of her tight, binding clothing, she is a very voluptuous woman, with a large bust and narrow waistline. She is normally clothed to intentionally keep her body well hidden. She possesses scars that cover most of her body but those are carefully hidden under her garments. She has platinum white like hair that tumbles down her shoulders. Her golden eyes that are strikingly beautiful, though she hides them behind a mask she wears which only reveals one eye.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral

Salest is somewhat young physically, but tries to make up for her immaturity with knowledge. She has an interjectional personality - when exposed to a conflict she will usually try and help resolve it, but tends to mess things up when she's not careful of her words. She tries to be neutral but does occasionally end up playing favorites or overly favoring one side. Even though she is not known for her looks she is good with conversation and is a silent listener. She is not normally seen but tends to hear much more then people around her knows.


Character Age: 91
Birthdate: July 14th.
Birthplace: Gonryun
Occupation: None known to the public.

Salest has no recollection of her past, aside from the occasional flashback or traumatic memory. She tends to keep to herself, usually curled up with her knees to her chest, unless there is open combat nearby or a conflict which she thinks she can help resolve. Her pastimes include writing and drawing, although she can and does dance in the presence of good music. Despite her small frame and quiet demeanor, she is quite capable of defending herself - she simply does not fight for fun, only in self-defense.


  • Kasa Lumo: Met in Payon while she drew him and his brother, Shadow. Kasa, also known as Red — has deep feelings of passion for him and trust in him (even though recently met). Salest has strong romantic relations with the young assassin.
  • Shadow: He talks rarely — Met him in Payon. They're on good terms, but she worries that Shadow depends too much on Red. She witnessed Shadow go threw a side effect of the trial of suffering.
  • Ilya 'Lupa': Met in Payon after a cup of tea, no real relation yet. Just a nice acquaintance.
  • Kazumi: A messenger for Lydia. They're on good terms, but the two tend to fight occasionally (when both are upset). Salest doesn't know much about Kazumi nor the regular terms which Lydia has with her.
  • Lydia: A helper and informant to Salest. Lydia tells her anything important going on, and in return Salest shows photos along with names of people she draws.

Misc Facts

Favorite Food: Rice and raw fish
Special Skills: -

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