The Rune Midgard Kingdom

Region Ruler: King Tristan III
Legislature: Parliament.
Law Enforcement: Rune Battalion.

Rune Midgard Towns

  • Prontera - Capital
  • Geffen
  • Alberta - Port City
  • Payon
  • Ilzude - Port City
  • Comodo
  • Morrocc
  • Umbala

About Rune Midgard

The region Rune Midgard has been ruled over hundreds of years by royal families. About three hundreds years ago prince Tristan surpassed his father King Bougard VI, and became king. Gradually over time Tristan found himself a wife, and bore a child, Tristan II. Tristan I lived to the age of 95 before he stepped down from the throne, and passed on the power to his son. During the few years of former King Tristan I remaining years alive peace and harmony reigned over the kingdom, but after his death things began to change. Taxes had been issued to everyone with in the the region, and a tariff had even been played on shipments coming or going over seas. At first taxes were very uncomfortable on the inhabitants of Rune Midgard, but over time the majority of them were able to balance their economic issues. King Tristan II who acquired a large sum of zeny from the taxes used the zeny to purchase the princess from the island of Amatsu. The princess was not cheaply sold, and it almost bankrupted King Tristan II so higher taxes were issued. The heighten taxes continued on for years, and over these years Tristan II had come to obtain a son, Tristan III. On Tristan III's birthday the citizens of the capital of Rune Midgard, Prontera, revolted. The knights from the knight academy charged the castle, and fought their way to the King's personal quarters. The knight's seized the King forcing him to reduce taxes to their original cost and made the king sign a document relieving him of power. The document entitled the king to the land and the residential properties, but relieved the king of his power and gave that power to the people. Unwilling the king signed, and everything seemed to work out for the better. King Tristan II ended up passing away at the age of 70, and passed his throne onto Tristan III. By the time Tristan III had obtained the throne a legislative body had been created by the people to govern over the region. Leaving the relation between the royal family and the citizen peaceful.

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