Rebellion Quest

Level Requirements: Base Level Requirements Unknown.
Item Requirements: 1 Tropical Sograt, 1 Vermillion on the Beach, Geek Glasses, Grandpa Beard
Zeny/Item Requirements: 3000z -OR- 1 Marine Sphere Bottle
Quest Requirements: Completed Biolabs Entrance Quest, Completed President Quest, Completed Cursed Spirit Quest, Completed Odin's Temple Excavation Quest
Quest Reward: 2,000,000 EXP and Old Violet Box. Upon completing the quest, you will be able to exchange 100 Handcuffs for a Level 4 Food Item of your choice (Repeatable).

1. Talk to Shede in Hugel (70,137). She will ask you for a random set of items.

5 Clam Fleshes: You'll find these clams to the right of the airship in Hugel ~(hugel 105,158).
5 Mok Mushrooms: You'll find the mushrooms located just outside of the city of Hugel (hu_fild06 169,359; hu_fild06 194, 341).
5 Mok Shells: Find the Thief Bugs hiding in the bushes just outside of the city of Hugel (hu_fild06 218,373).

2. Shede tells you to find Mr. Herico in the Hugel Inn.

3. Find Herico upstairs in the room next to the stairs (hu_in01 255, 40). Talk to him, and he talks about Hugel before asking you to find information about the Airship and Odin's Temple for him.

4. If You've completed the four listed quests, you can continue.

5. Talk to Herico again, and he tells you his story. He then asks you to find a Reporter in Lighthalzen.

6. From exiting the airport, head west to the left side of the map. Enter the house at (52, 87), and talk to Enquro Carson. He says he'll tell you the location of the reporter if you bring him the two drinks from the Private Pub in Morroc.

7. Bring him a Tropical Sograt and Vermillion on the Beach, and he'll tell you to find Wintzil Trony in Hugel.

8. Go to the house in Hugel near the top (hugel 150, 216) and talk to the little girl. She tells you her name is Wintzil Trony, and tells you you can find a picture of her father in a bookshelf.

9. Go upstairs and click on the Book in the bookshelf, and go through the journal.

10. Head back to Herico and explain what happened. He asks you to join him in bringing down Rekenber. Accept, and he asks you to go to Lighthalzen to steal a Master Copy of their research.

11. Head to Rekenber HQ in Lighthalzen, and go down to the research levels used by Regenschirm. (Don't forget your Geek Glasses and Grandpa Beard!).

12. Go to the last room and find the File Folder on one of the tables next to (lhz_in01 213, 130). An intruder alert will sound, and two Removers will spawn. Kill them, and head back to Herico in Hugel.

13. Herico tells you to find a Marine Sphere Bottle Man to help destroy level 2 of Biolabs. Go to Einbech (einbech 208, 123) and buy a Marine Sphere Bottle from him. If you already have a Marine Sphere Bottle, go to step 14.

14. Go Biolabs Level 2 (lhz_dun02 247, 226) and destroy the Unethical Machine.

15. Head back to Herico in Hugel, and he asks who could help with his plans. Tell him "President" and he gives you a File Folder to give to him.

You can now exchange 100 Handcuffs for any Level 4 Food Item from Herico.

16. Go to Juno and visit the president's office (yuno 157, 317) and give him the File. He reaffirms his committment to ridding the world of Rekenber, and gives you an Old Purple Box along with some EXP.

Receive 2,000,000 EXP

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