Captain Remouri
Player Name Urufu

"I was at the boozer, ran into a bushranger, and ended up buyin' him a drink."Raphael Remouri

Character Name: Raphael Remouri.
Secondary Name: Captain.
Race: Alfar.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.


Height: 5'9".
Weight: 155lbs (not including ammo).
Hair Colour: Crimson.
Eyes Colour: Light Grey.
Skin Tone: Oragne-ish Peach.

Raphael has long redish brown hair which he keeps pulled back into a shaggy pony tail with the help of an average piece of string. His nose is slender and small which helps keeps his sunglasses extremely close to his face. Raphael wears black sunglasses over his gray eyes because they are sensitive to light for having lived in the clouded dust town of Einbroch for a good portion of his maturing years. His lips are light peach and appear soft to the touch. His build is slender, but muscular. His muscular build is caused by routine exercises he does when he isn't doing paper work, out on the field, or having fun with friends. His ears are easily visible unless he has a beret on which when he does his hair is pushed over his ears hiding them. Raphael wears a chain around his neck with dog tags on it, a black tight sleeveless tank top, a black trench coat, multi-colored (black,gray, and white colored) military pants, and black combat boots. On the right sleeve of his trench coat the emblem of A-T.A.S. can be found. On an arm sling he has a modified rifle (jungle carbine), and equipped to his waist our his new dual Garrison handguns. Now Raphael is only 5'9" which is very short for an alfar which hints that he is still possible young and still growing. His skin tone is orange-ish peach due to a skin pigment disease he has acquired from particles in the Einbroch air. He is always clean smelling too regardless of whether he has been out drink (his breath my smell like alcohol, but this guy smells good all the time).

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Good.

Generally when Raphael isn't working he is a very easy person to get along with, but when he is working it is a whole different story. Work is his top priority, and he doesn't seem to kid or joke around with his responsibilities. Outside of work he is a very enjoyable person to be around. Raphael is a caring individual that isn't afraid to start the conversation. He isn't a womanizer though. His view point towards woman is equal to how he feels about men — thus he demands more then mere appearances if he is to ever date a woman. Raphael is known to have kind of fowl mouth, but he tries to keep cursing to a minimum. Raphael is the kind of man to step into a situation that is out of hand, dangerous, and unlawful. He is both a strategist and fighter, but in situations among the common wealth he tends to act before thinking. When he is working though he plans every attack and movement to the best of his capability. The only bad thing about him is honestly is his disrespect for money and how he spends it on alcohol, bullets, food, and unnecessary miscellaneous items. One of Raphael's pet peeves though are slutty women and specially men — he tends to become pissy around these individuals and he isn't afraid to show it physically and verbally.


Character Age: 43.
Birthdate: Unknown.
Birthplace: Yuno.
Occupation: Officer of A-T.A.S. .

Officer File

Raphael was born into a relatively poor family of alfar. During this time his family was making arrangements to make sure he became successful later on in life. Ramon Remouri, the father of Raphael, was a industrial worker who received a job in the town of Einbech. This caused the family to move to Einbech where schooling wasn't that great, but the payment for working on machinery was magnificent. Once the family had settled into Einbech the flow of money lead to a great number of things. A few years after the move Ramon was promoted to the title of inspector, and was required to start traveling more. First Ramon would have to get a little schooling though in Yuno. Since Ramon would be required to go to Yuno it was decided that since they had the money now he would bring Rapheal who was now 12 with him, and enroll him in an all boys boarding school. Needless to say Raphael wasn't the least be cooperative being taken away from his mother to Yuno where he was 'abandon' at a school.

Left at the all boys boarding school Raphael was given a uniform, room, and a listing of classes he was required to attend. It was at this time that Raphael became a lone wolf, and due to hostility in the school he took it as a challenge. Grades and a strong physical physic became his top priority. Raphael spent 6 years in his room training and study when he wasn't in class and it resulted in him becoming one of the smartest students of his class. Something strange happened though over the years — Rapheal's room mate became one of his closest friends because of the loyalty he had shown him. Wunai was a skinny book worm that looked up to Raphael, and the two somewhat looked out for one another. Raphael physically protected Wunai, and Wunai in return help Raphael with advance topics when he studied. Sadly though when they graduated the two departed back to their previous home, but the two decided to say in contact.

Returning home Raphael was shocked to find out that his mother had resorted to nursing the towns miners. He quickly found out that she was doing this as a source of income since Ramon had died in Einbroch. Apparently he was killed by faulty machinery he was sent to inspect, and Elizabeth (Raphael's mother) wasn't even informed by the company, but instead by friends in the company who had brought his body back to her. This lead Raphael to travel to Einbroch to investigate the situation while his mother stayed in Einbech to work. The company's CEO took Raphael's arrival in town as a liability, and not wanting any trouble from the Remouri house — a malicious plan was devised. during the first night of his arrival Raphael was ambushed by masked individuals and held at gun point. With quick thinking though Raphael got himself out of the sticky situation by disarming one of them, and shooting the other with the disarmed one's gun.

Pistol whipping the man who he had disarmed who was recovering he knocked out the individual. Stuffing the handgun into his back pocket he inspect their bodies only to find a personal item, a picture, from him home in Einbech. Infuriated Raphael took the deceased shooter's hand gun and shot he other one that had been knocked out. Now both shooters were dead, and Raphael went to leave. Something clicked in his head though, and he turned around towards the bodies. Walking back over to them he polished the handguns he had taken from each of them, and placed it specifically on them so it appeared as though they had shoot each other. After doing so he fled from town, and traveled on foot back to Einbech only to find his mother cold and deceased laying on the living room floor. She had been shoot to death, and it appeared as if her death had been quick. Walking over to his mother he knelt down into a puddle of blood beside her and slowly used his hands to close her eyelids.

The next day Raphael informed the miners that she had been shoot to death, and made arrangements for her to be buried in a private sector of the mines. Reluctantly the miners and head miner agreed to grant him this penance because of work Elizabeth had done healing and nursing them. In the company of the miners (who held Raphael bring the body into the mines in a raggy coffin) Raphael dug out a grave for his mother all by himself with a shovel. Once he was finished the miners helped him lower the coffin into the ground, and afterward Raphael covered it with dirt. No mean words were said or could have been said about his mother, and afterward everyone retreated from sector and the entrance was blown shut. A no not mine tape was placed over the ruble of the former entrance where his mother's tomb would stay untouched.

Sometime after the death of his mother Raphael became a wandering vigilante, and his first task was to learn more about the gun men who had tried to kill him. He shaved his head bald and had allowed a red goatee to form on his face (but he dyed it black). With sunglasses always over his eyes he traveled back to Einbroch under the false identity of Ivrence Urie. It was with this false identity that he found out about gunslingers, and became one himself. He learned mostly about the weaponry rather then the guild's member (because that's how their system worked — only official members were known) and he became fond of rifles, but he preferred handguns because of the mobile they granted. He spent a couple of months in Einbroch, but nothing helped him get any closer to finding out why his mother was killed and why he was attempted to be killed.

A year passed with no luck gaining any grounding to his many questions. It was around this time that Satan Morroc had been unleashed in the desert town of Morroc. Arriving at Morroc Raphael found himself along side many notable organizations and individuals who all had seemed to heard of one another. Surprisingly all of them had heard about him, and told him his vigilante work was good, but amateur at best. Something in Raphael's head clicked again and he took their words as a challenge, but the top priority here was trying to defeat this extremely dangerous monster. Raphael and the others first tried to launch an attack against Satan Morroc, but failed miserably. Instead of trying another assault on the creature they went after the only survivor of the group that had summoned it, and caught him (Raiyan Moore).

Soon after Raiyan Moore had been caught (by Raphael and company) and Satan Morroc disappeared (everyone believes the demon was sealed again or moved onto another realm). Months later Raphael was approached by a mysterious man who offered him a position in a secret squadron of men. These men worked to prevent acts of terrorism before they happened, and if they failed to try to eliminate the problem once it was present.

Life as an Officer

This section will be filled in gradually over time.


  • "Lupa" - A lupus female he came across in Payon while searching for a hired hand. He chit-chatted with her for a bit and established that they had opposing views. Though by the time of her departure she was so fustrated trying to understand him that she was coming off as rude. Though he rudeness didn't cease there she ended up following him, and rifled through his knapsack. Raphael consider popping a round into, but made no movements or gestures to. She took the book he is writing out of his bag, but only to inspect the cover — afterward she gave it back. Since then he hasn't seen her around, but he knows she is in the woods.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Alcohol and Mashed up herbs marinated in red mushroom wine.
Special Skills: High Leadership Qualities & skilled dual handgun user.
Fears: Never knowing the truth of his mother's murder.

Mother — Elizabeth Remouri, deceased.
Father — Ramon Remouri, deceased.

  • Raphael has an odd accent which isn't specifically easy to pinpoint to the a region or source (it is an Australian accent).
  • Recently started writing a book in his free time called, "Our Fair Angel".

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