Rachel Sanctuary Quest

Level Requirements: Unknown
Item Requirements: 1 Candy, 20 Firecrackers, 40 Glacial Hearts
Quest Requirements: Completed Lost Child Quest
Quest Reward: 1,200,000 Base Experience, Access to Rachel Sanctuary Dungeon

You cannot enter Rachel Sanctuary normally or begin the quest. Initially, you can go to the temple and talk to Nemma. Nemma will ask for donations to the sanctuary of 50k. Each time you donate, you're given a voucher which you can redeem for a random item. There must be 10,000 donations made before the sanctuary is opened! This is per server, not per person. This means that 500,000,000 zeny must be donated to the sanctuary for the server before it will open and be able to continue. Once the donations have been met, you'll be able to enter the sanctuary.

1. Talk to Nemma. She'll mention how the automatic security has her locked out.

2. Talk to the Kid down by the pool (rachel 243, 36). Talk to him until he mentions the fighting priests. [Big Hint: Say you love candy.]

3. Go back up to the temple. Walk up to a window on the left side of Nemma (ra_temple 67, 209). You'll be able to sneak in.

4. You now need to investigate the locked down temple until you are able to push through the front gate.

For the sake of these directions:

— NORTH = Up and left, deeper towards the back of the temple.
— EAST = Up and right
— WEST = Down and left
— SOUTH = Down and right, towards the front of the temple.

Follow these directions:

  • Once you're inside the locked down temple, head north down the hallway. You will get a popup along the way about some strange noises.
  • When you reach the end of the hallway, head east. You should get another popup about the noises.
  • When you reach a room with a woman's statue in it, continue through the southern exit of that room (through a gate).
  • Continue heading south until you hit a wall, then head east.
  • As you walk east along the front of the building, you should get a popup that says "CRASH" in red text.
  • Continue heading east, past the Atrium Hallway. Just past the atrium, you'll find a small room on your left with a staircase in it. Go up those stairs.
  • Once upstairs, head north and then west until you find a room with tiled checker flooring. Head towards the back of that room. Go through the portal behind the statue in that room.
  • Walk towards the gate, and a popup will tell you about the dark stains on the floor. Continue walking around over the bloodstains, investigating each time, until it tells you that you should leave before you become the next victim.
  • Head back to the staircase (southeast from the bloody room), and go back down the stairs.
  • Head just a bit to the west until you're back in the Atrium Hallway (stop when you see a statue against the back wall.)
  • Head south, towards the front of the building. After you get a popup, head further south until you reach the gate portal. When it gives you an option, try to "Push" it open.
  • You will find yourself back out front of the temple, and you will now be able to re-enter the temple through the front gate. The lights will be back on, and the NPCs will be back. But don't go back inside yet.

5. Talk to Nemma now. You'll need to explore the sanctuary.

6. Now you can go inside the real sanctuary (again, if you went in before).

7. Talk to Panno and she'll tell you about the security.

8. Talk to Nemma and give her 20 Firecrackers (Buyable in Hugel).

9. Talk to High Priest Zhed (ra_temin.gat 277, 159). He'll tell you to take 40 Glacial Hearts and candy to the Pope. NOTE: If Zhed simply says "May Freya be with you," then you have not completed the Lost Child Quest.

10. Visit the pope (ra_temin.gat 134, 134). Then go back to Zhed.

11. After he boots you from the room, go up to the left wall and eavesdrop on the conversation. A woman will then talk to you about Zhed and her relationship with him.

12. Go back and talk to Zhed. He'll want to rest. After you finish, walk out of the room and pick up the key on the ground (chat prompt). You'll then be able to enter the Sanctuary.

13. Enter the sanctuary by going back upstairs to the "bloody room" behind the chapel (ra_temin.gat 29, 312).

14. Go to the "second level" (really a "quest" level) of the dungeon, and walk forward until you get the prompt to look at the water. Walk around up onto the metal edge (que_san04.gat 119, 203), and the woman will hit you and you'll be sent back to Rachel.

15. Go talk to Zhed and you'll receive experience.

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