Human Race: User receives 20% exp from all sources; all heal items have +100% potency; +4% to all base stats.

"Made in the image of the ancients."

Max Height: F 5'2" - 5'8" M 5'9" - 6'2"
Common Hair Colors: Black, Brown, Red, Blonde, Grey (with age)
Common Eye Colors: Brown, Green, Blue, Grey, Hazel
Life Expectancy: 70 - 100 years
Age of Sexual Maturity: 15-18 years
Length of One Generation: 20 years
Personality Traits: Curious, Arrogant, Versatile, Emotional, Self-conscious.
Home World: Midgard

Humans are always the first creatures to re-inhabit Midgard after each Ragnarök. Born of Líf and Lífþrasir at the close of the war, the race adapted well to the fresh world they were given. With Ragnarök over, there were fresh resources and a blank slate for the race to work with. Only Líf and Lífþrasir's word kept religion alive, since the gods were still recovering from Ragnarök and did not yet take an active role in the world. Many listened to the stories with interest; others didn't believe in "such nonsense." These split from the group to found their own religion, and would later go on to form the Church of Rune.

Another such semi-religious group of humans was the cabal of the Necromancers. These were shamans and mystics who had, through various means, stumbled upon the magicks with which one could manipulate life. The Necromancers became quite skilled at communicating with the dead, channeling spirits, and reviving the deceased; their early works were instrumental in the founding of the Acolyte and Soul Linker professions.

Their crowning achievement came about when the archdemon Satan Morroc tried to claw his way into Midgard. The Necromancer cabal came together as one and tried the impossible, attempting to resurrect a fallen god. They located the body of Loki, nailed to the helm of the Naglfar by the spears through his chest, and attempted to resurrect him to fight off the demon. They were only partially successful; the zombie-god was strong enough to weaken Satan Morroc, but was destroyed in the process. The Necromancers then expended the remainder of their cabal's power to banish the weakened demon from Midgard, and disappeared into the annals of history. They have not been seen since.

A second set of humans would go on to play at godhood, combining the work of the Necromancers with modern biotechnology. The Rekenber Corporation of Schwartzvald, in the most recent cycle of Ragnarök, managed to create the four Furred races: the Kumiho, the Nanabozho, the Ailouros and the Lupus.

Included below are excerpts from Decimus Massimo's A History of Humanity, an older history text from the Schwartzvald Republic. Once used in classrooms all across the Republic, it was recently banned by the government for what they claimed was its "antiestablishmentarian viewpoint"; a systematic countrywide book-burning has made the book very hard to come by. More excerpts will be added as they are discovered - no whole copies of Massimo's book have survived the flames.

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