Pickpocket Quest

Level Requirements: Base Level 60+
Quest Reward: Purchasable Speed Potions

1. The Man (Pickpocketer) can appear in one of 3 different locations at a time.

Location A: (lighthalzen 240 216)

Location B: (lighthalzen 220 169)

Location C: (lighthalzen 164 127)

2. When you come within 2 tiles of the Man, you'll activate a message. Every time a Pickpocket message pops out, you'll lose 100z.

3. If you activate him at either location A or B, there's a 33% chance you'll catch him pickpocketing you. Once you find out he pickpockets, he'll flee from Location A to Location B or vice versa with 75% chance; or Location C 25% with chance.

4. If you activate him at location C, there's a 20% chance you'll catch him pickpocketing you. He has no where to escape, but you forgive him. He will later sell you something that "will produce strong power for your lower part body."

You can choose to buy from 1 to 3 Speed Potions, (15k per bottle). He later will appear at either Location A or Location B.

Note: This quest CAN be repeated.

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