Our Fair Angel


by Raphael Remouri


"With your sweet angelic hands wrapped around me. I never thought death could be so beautiful." — Sergeant Nicolas Tulip

Nicolas Tulip is a sergeant in a military squadron called Omega which is used by the E'lirk military for first line assaults. Recent events have lead to a developing war amongst the two most known nations, and a mandatory draft was enforce in both nation. Sergeant Tulip had been drafted during the preparation months before the war officially began, and because of this he has reach the rank of sergeant by the time the story begins. The story is told through the eyes of Sergeant Tulip as both he and squad Omega make their advancements through consecutive battles provide by the war.

Chapter 1 — The Eve of Battle

We all sat with our heads down on our assigned benches. Helmets strapped intensely to our skulls and fear pinned like a medal over our hearts. Our weaponry lay dormant in front of our feet while silence struck us with a sense of insecurity. Our commanding officer had been pacing back and forth, praying for us, diminishing what little moral we had left to fight. Finally one of the recruits stood, it was Private Uraway, one of the most promising recruit drafted to our squadron.

"H-h-hey everyone….", Private Uraway said nervously. We all responded with a faint nod and a groan of discomfort. Our heads still bowed in despair as Private Uraway spoke. "I-I know you're all scared…and I-I am too, b-but….We need t-to fight!", Private Uraway shouted by the time he had finished stumbling through what he had been trying to say. One by one our heads rose to pay homage to Private Uraway's words. "W-we fight to live! T-to see the m-morrow!", Uraway shouted, and afterward stomped his feet having been moved by his own words.

Silence remained present in the room, and it appeared Private Uraway's words had affected only himself. "We fight to live…", someone from the squadron muttered, and someone else repeated it afterward. Then another person repeated it, and it evolved into squad members saying the line in unison. Until finally the entire squad was shouting it together. Fist throw up every time they finished the line. Then verse transformed. "We'll fight to live 'cause we'll see tomorrow!", the squad now shouted. With every chant their moral grew stronger and their blood boiled more.

We rose to our feet, bent over, picked up our weapons, and bent back up. Wicked grins of reassurance formed on everyone's face as we marched out of the building we had been in, and went outside. Once we we're all outside the commanding officer had to talk us down because we were going to launch the assault a whole 15 hours early. Needless to say we weren't the least bit amused after having been rallied up. Being disband for the evening we all dispersed to carry on whatever task we wished to preform before we went into battle the following day. So I myself took the time to write a poem which I'd send out tomorrow to my love.

Dear Maria,

Cursed be the heavens
For sending such an angel like you
To watch over me and guide me
Through the sorrow and pain
In times of need and comfort
You are always there

Even now you arbor my thoughts
Not one time passes that I don't see you when I close my eyes

Winged blond haired goddess
Descend down from heaven
In my last moments of life
Share with me my last breath and embrace
Willfully will I succumb to death

But as I die offer me a hand
& flap your angelic wings
Bring me to sky
The sky where infinite possibilities do not cease at sunrise or fall.

With All My Love,
Nicolas Tulip

The men badgered me while I wrote the poem for Maria. Rude remarks were made to gain even more confidence for the upcoming battle so I didn't let the other men phase me too much. They were gaining stable emotion grounding as had I from the poem. After I finished the poem I founded it precisely and slipped it into an envelope I borrowed from the commanding officer. Sealed the envelope, filled out the address information, and finally put her whole name on it, Maria Docilia. The men continued to give me problems so I slipped the envelope into my pants pocket. One of the men tried to retrieve the letter from my pocket, but a quick take down put the man in his place and showed the others enough was enough.

After that rubbish was settled I snagged a bottle of alcohol off one of the men, and proceed to consume the delectable beverage in swigs. "Come gather round. All of you that call yourselves men.", I said shouted on hand raised and the other raised to connect the bottle to my lips for another swig. The men fell in rather quickly to hear what I had to say. "As Private Uraway said earlier. We're going to win the battle tomorrow….so why not celebrate now!", the excitement and pleasure in my voice transcended to the men who were easily encourage. Almost every man present nodded their head in agreement to my words. "Well come on then let's celebrate, but not too much! We want to be able to fight tomorrow. So instead of drink as I am. Let us sing a war song!", I said in a raspy voice as I threw the bottle to the side only hearing the sound of it shattering off in the distance.

"For who are you", I started off the song to see instantly in their faces that they knew the tune. "To march to us! Such foolish acts deserve a boot in the ass.", the men sang along with myself. Kicking and thrashing the men continued on singing. "For never you have faced the best! E'lirk army will put your merit to the test.", men cheered as they began to shake with excite. "So ready your shovel and bare hands. Dig your graves don't give us the chance.", the men shouted raising a harsh fist in the air followed by a verbal "Heya!". "For you who march to us! Will be pushed back into your graves!", the men cheered one last time granting me the honor of saying the last verse. "We'll cover them, march over it, and hoist our flag above over your graves!!!", I shouted as loud as I could. So loudly I wouldn't be surprised if the other army heard me.

After I shouted my last line the commanding officer came over and settled us down once more, and ordered us back to our sleeping quarters to get some sleep. Reluctantly we obeyed our orders and rustled in our beds from anticipation of the battle which was mere hours away. I don't know about the other men, but those few hours that I slept seemed to be the greatest I ever had.

Chapter Notes:

  • The poem symbolizes that Marie, Tulip's lover, is his Valkyrie. His war angel who watches over him.
  • Private Uraway's speech subliminally says — "Fighting is necessary to ensure there is a tomorrow".
  • When Private Uraway boosted the moral of the men it hinted that — "No one team can function a man short. Every member has reason for being there. Even if it's to take the bullet for another or just talk to the others".

Chapter 2 — Rude Awakening

Instantly my eyes opened, and my brain slowly drifted back into reality. As my thoughts assembled I could hear distant screams, but I couldn't make out what the screams meant. I leaned up pulling the covers off me - only noticing then that everyone else in our tent was waking up from the screams too. Without warning our commanding officer irrupted into our tent, sweating and panting slightly. "Get up! Move move move! Gear in less then 2. After assemble your squad, and get your asses to the front line!", screamed the Commanding Officer before he ran out to tell the next tent. Everyone jumped out of bed almost in unison, and began to retrieve their gear. Quickly everyone proceeded to put on their gear, and made sure their weapons were operational.

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