Opsend kerisugi

Character Name: Opsend
Secondary Name: Opps
Race: Nanabozho
Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: Mostly Hetero


Height: 5'2"(not including ears)
Weight: 149 lbs
Hair Colour: Grey
Eyes Colour: Hazel
Skin Tone: sandy

Opsend was bred to be cuddly and gentle. His angora hair and ears are as soft as his facial features. He is more than a bit scruffy-looking

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful good

Opsend is kind, gentle, and a good listener. He'll often take it upon himself to settle the disputes of others so that everyone reaches a mutual understanding. He loves telling stories.


Character Age: 14
Birthdate: October 10th
Birthplace: Rebeneker corp.
Occupation: Former Kindergarten teacher

Opsend was made to be a gentle, fuzzy playmate/care giver to the children of the Rebeneker Corp. Ever since he was six, he taught 4 and 5-year-olds how to count, write their names, share, and be nice to one another. They would love it when he told them stories, specifically, ones he'd made up. Some of those stories included morals such as; "The Meek wll inherit the Earth", "Treat all living things with respect and kindness" and worst of all, "Slavery is wrong". The Children soaked it up, and some would talk to their parents about it. The parents weren't too happy about their own children asking why Mommy and/or daddy are making and selling slaves. After a while, their justifications for it didn't satisfy the children, And the Parents got angry at their teacher, Opsend. In order to get Opsend to stop telling his stories, they chopped off his fluffy tail. That's when Opsend decided it was time to leave, holding true to one of the lessons his stories taught; Never stay in an abusive relationship. He spend one last day teaching, where he said goodbye to all of the children. They were horrified when they saw what had happened to his tail, but they wanted him to stay. He told them he could not stay in Lighthalzen until the status quo drastically changes.


  • Aurora Rosenthal: He met her when she was dancing with her smokie, Ackabar. He joined them.
  • Laurel Kaitlyn Luisliu: Opsend finds her pretty and interesting, and appreciates her company. He has a bit of a crush on her, but knows that it wouldn't work out for either of them.
  • Edan Fuinur Paisean: Although he finds Edan to be a bit bland and a little uptight, he also trusted him a whole lot. Opsend was upset to find that Edan did not remember who he was.
  • Zuri: The one thing that Zuri does to annoy Opsend, is her tendancy to put people into categories in which they don't fit.
  • Loreli Kapple: Opsend thinks Loreli is pretty cute, and doesn't seem to be bothered by the fact that she's a human from Schwartvald
  • Delilah Adelardi: Opsend treats her like a little sister, and looks out for her best interest.
  • Ithel: Opsend regards Ithel as an innocent child, and worries that he might get into more trouble than he can get out of.
  • Martin: Martin is much older, and Opsend believes he has no ambition and has given up on life.
  • Bernard Calderon: Bernard and Opsend used to be guildmates, until one day Bernard came back and shot Opsend, because he "Wanted Nanabozho Stew" Opsend is concerned about his sanity.
  • Giles Verdant: Opsend loves to mess with Giles because he'll believe anything.
  • Ilya 'Lupa' Telune: Most of what Opsend knows about Lupa comes from Laurel. He is cautious around her.
  • Jeremiah: Opsend doesn't like the backwards way Jeremiah does things, his attitude, or even his face. The fact that he's an Ailouros that hangs out with Svartalfar doesn't help, either.
  • Jolene Armand: Opsend met Jolene once in Payon. He hoped to get her to open up by sharing with her secrets of his past.
  • Leifr: Leifr is Opsend's Guildmate. Opsend finds him a bit too high-strung after he pulled a sword when Opsend started playing smooth Jazz.
  • Naira Usama: a precocious little kitten that stole Opsend's jester hat.
  • Skylar Illes: Opsend sees Skylar as a friend, and tries to one-up him in front of Laurel.
  • Tennolan: When Tennolan got married and didn't care at all about her husband, and claimed that she had no recourse to even try to change her fate, Opsend suggested that Maybe Odin didn't have her best interests in mind. For that, Tennolan struck him down. Opsend sees Tennolan as a cold, cynical woman.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Tropical fruits
Special Skills: Dancing, acting, Story-telling, singing, Guitar, flute, banjo and bongo drums
Opsend is a vegetarian, But if you offer him cooked meat, he'll eat it to be polite. He is also used to multiple people touching him without his permission, and won't call you out on it unless you hurt him.

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