Miliardo Halva
Player Name Fireshine

Character Name: Miliardo Halva.
Secondary Name: Mil.
Race: Svartalf.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.


Height: 6'1.
Weight: 133 lbs.
Hair Colour: Blonde.
Eyes Colour: Green.
Skin Tone: Pale Brown.

Wears a circular knitted cap. Often seen wearing large amounts of uncut cloths. Wears either red or green colored variants for personal and trivial reasons. Also has a set of light steel plates which he wears at specific parts of his body, most on his joints. Often seen with a mask or a large scarf covering his face. Has the basic look of a warrior but his appearance somewhat attracts others due to the weird nature and color of his outfit.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Good.

A humble Svartalf. Respectful in many ways and is not quick to judge on people. Always analytical on his surroundings but hides it by not making eye-contact or doing suspicious movements. Often assumes to be in danger, due to family heritage. A somewhat unfitting Svartalf to others due to his non-imposing way of doing things. His true Svartalf heritage shines on the battlefield. Often mistaken to be rude and cocky due to the fact that he is a Svartalf by his ears. He might seem uncaring, but he will immediately help those in need. Often stares into blank space and always has a serious look on his eye. Not very good in conversations, and often comes out as rude.


Character Age: 55.
Birthdate: January 3.
Birthplace: Svartalfheim.
Occupation: Wanderer/Mercenary/Student.

//Miliardo was born in Svartalfheim. His parents, who were well known warriors, strived to perfect their fighting art and is often away from home. He was then given to human slaves that work for his parents who was lead by a particular person named Mirillion. Mirillion, Mir for short, was a Svartalf as well. He was in charge of a group of humans who work inside Svartalfheim. Mir was strict to rules but he was kind to his people. He never abused the humans but made sure that they do their share of the work. Due to this Miliardo shared a special bond with Mir and the humans.

Miliardo's parents sometimes come home to share knowledge to the young boy. Stories about killing and conquest. Miliardo find it very disturbing which somehow disappointed the parents. His parents then decided to fire all their human slaves and assign Mirillion as a personal tutor for the unsatisfying outcome of Miliardo's stature. They blamed Mirillion for the softness that the kid has. Mir, who felt responsible, took the blame and promised his parents to make a warrior out of him. The parents once more went to another journey leaving Mirillion the combat styles Miliardo's parents has perfected. A few days passed and the boy's training started.

Miliardo by then disliked violence. The thought of killing someone just can't cross his mind. As a result Mirillion resorted to a devious plan but withdrawed and promised Miliardo that if he learns everything he teaches him he wouldn't force the warrior's code unto him. Miliardo happily agreed and stayed resilient. As years pass by his skills improve yet his heart remains innocent. When his parents come home to evaluate him, Miliardo puts up his facade of a bloodthirtsy warhungry warrior. He was the perfect warrior in his parents' eyes, or so they think.

As Miliardo reached the 'age of reason' his 'Darkening' commenced. The ritual was commonly celebrated to those who hit the 'age of reason'. Miliardo endured the pain he felt until the ritual finished. When he came out, his strength rose up exponentially which made his parents and Mirillion proud. He was now ready to take part into the event known as the 'Alfheim raids'. Miliardo along with Mirillion his guardian participated on the said event and raided the city of the Alfars. The Svartalfs enjoyed the chaos while Miliardo remains disturbed. He always avoids conflict but gets the job done. Mirillion only observed from behind. Miliardo stole a pretty hefty number of artifacts related to the god Freyr which in turn made Mirillion proud. Until an unavoidable encounter ensued. An Alfar warrior who stood up and demanded a duel to the death. Miliardo agreed and the battle started. The Alfar was quick but Miliardo's power overshadowed his opponent. Only the killing blow was left yet Miliardo hesitated. As he turned his back he noticed the Alfar quickly lunging with a dagger in hand. He was unprepared. A sound of steel meeting flesh echoed. Mirillion stood firm with his arms open wide and a dagger stabbed deep in his heart. The quick Alfar took Miliardo's loot and ran only to be killed by observing Svartalfs. Miliardo was shocked, his weakness lead to the demise of his mentor. Without a healer in sight the Svartalf Mirillion slightly faded. Miliardo felt hatred but discarded it as soon as he remembered his mentor.

Miliardo returned and confronted his parents. He admitted that he was still the soft kind child they knew. Without saying a word, Miliardo walked away. He stood in front of the portals inside Svartalfholdt contemplating and finally started a journey with a single step forward. He arrived at Midgard where a small ghost entity appeared in front of him. It was a whisper, a whisper with a halo on its head. " There you are kid, I've been waiting for you. My name is Peacemillion what took you so long?" Miliardo was confused and felt joy. He never asked the ghost of who he was or what was he. All he knows is that he needed somebody right now to accompany him on his journey.

The rude ghost Peacemillion taught him trivial and important things. Even if the ghost creates mischief he taught Miliardo to become a mercenary. With his skill and the ghost behind him Miliardo was unstoppable. He now wanders around Midgard along with Peacemillion searching for answers and goals to be done and dealt with.

As he wanders, he came across a group of people. Their visage intimidated Miliardo and contact with them was inevitable. It was a school, known as the 'Academy of Strategy' headed by the wise Lexicon. After overhearing the talk about enslavers planning to take out Payon, Miliardo joins in the fray. His lawful side demanded him to volunteer and in the end became a part of the academy. He is now a student.

The oncoming invasion to Payon has left the academy in a very uncanny state. Due to this, lessons with students have not yet been formal. Miliardo though still tries to learn everything he could from various professors and writes what he learns on his notebook wether little or trivial. //


  • Aviyara Lexicon: Met him at the crowded streets of Payon. After overhearing the conversation and volunteered, Lexicon decided to take Miliardo in as a pupil for his academy.
  • Ilya Lupa Telune: Saw of her a couple of times in Payon alone or with Lexicon. A Lupus female who is hard to read for Miliardo. She is also a part of Lexicon's academy. Gave Miliardo a riceball. Not formally introduced yet.
  • Aurora Rosenthal: Met her at Payon. Saw her a couple of times and has finally found out that she is a professor of the 'Academy of Strategy'. An Alfar adept at handling the bow, teaches Miliardo about bowmanship but Miliardo utterly failed to grasp the concept. Owes her a large favor due to Aurora risking her life and reputation for a selfish request made by Miliardo.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Fish and Fruits.
Special Skills: Tracking, Field Tactics.

Has a ghost attached to him by the name of Peacemillion. Rude and cocky. Plans to make Mil into a warrior of stature. When hungry, the ghost will not talk. Acts as his coach and teacher. Vanishes when Mil is engaged in real battle.

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