Menet Sheshafi
Player Name Masaki

Character Name: Menet Sheshafi
Secondary Name: none
Race: Svartalfar
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Place Men or Woman Here?


Height: 5'4”
Weight: 152 lb
Hair Colour: White
Eyes Colour: Red
Skin Tone: Dark Chocolate… mmm… chocolate…

Menet is a bit stockier than you'd expect from an elf. Her unusually small stature, lack of physical activity, and deep love of sweets see to that. Her face is rounded and her eyes slanted, with purple stripe markings below them, almost like tear-tracks. Menet's chest is a little more ample than most (she often conceals her pet spider or her stabbing knife there.) Few would tell her this, but her waist borders on love handles. Her robes, in the fashion of her house, reveal much but conceal various spell bits, scrolls, razors, and her belly button, which she never shows to anyone despite revealing the rest of her midriff. Around her neck, she wears a wide beaded collar around her neck, a sign of affection from her usually cold mother. She bears a scar in the shape of a fern or other such plant on her left shoulder, a common pattern caused by burst blood vessels and seen in those lightning-struck.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Chaotic Neutral

Menet is the odd one out. She has trouble relating to others at all and often frightens people without trying, though generally she is as afraid if not more than the people in her surroundings. Menet babbles on about the strange things she hears and feels, as if able to sense some dark forces others cannot. Menet has an unusual method of speech- she rarely uses the words “I”, “Me”, “You”, “Him”, or other such words. She refers to herself as “this one” or in the third person as “Menet”, and others by their names or “that one”. She has been known to direct an entire conversation at the wrong person, herself, or her pet tunnel spider Naz, who she dotes on. Her voice is also flat and free of emotion unless she is particularly incensed or aroused. Menet is vulnerable, easily frightened, and attaches to anything and anyone she finds conforting in a childlike manner. However,she has a dark side, dividing those she doesn't dote on into those she ignores,tolerates, or detests. She can be downright sadistic towards those in the final group. Menet is paranoid and distrustful in the extreme, and finds it odd that others are not.


Character Age: 78
Birthdate: March 31
Birthplace: Seshafi Keep, Svartalfheim
Occupation: Mage

Menet is the youngest of the daughters of a powerful wizard, Sacarbi Sheshafi. Her mother considered pitting her against the oldest, driven, magic-obsessed Anat, the middle child, bipolar Shemise. However, she proved unstable and unwilling to follow direction. Sacarbi, in a rare departure from the power-hungry, Darwinian mindset she'd adopted since leaving her adventuring days in Midgard, decided to raise the child in seculsion. Menet grew up miserable and alone, but safe from others and herself. Sacarbi debated with herself over the years what to do with the child, who'd failed to bring any of the respect that her siblings did. Even after her darkening, Menet seemed uninterested in persuing any kind of career. In the end, she sent Menet on a "journey" after her seventy fifth birthday, telling her to master magic and grow strong if she wanted her mother to love her. Menet has found the outside world to be confusing. With her pet spider, a supply of gold, and a short list of contacts from the outside world, Menet has wandered aimlessly, unable to do much besides wander from master to inn as she alienates herself from those she meets. Her mother continues to support her finacially out of guilt.


Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Menet likes chicken and loves chocolate almost more than anything. Save maybe Naz.
Special Skills: Menet is good at weaving, sewing, knitting, and knifing things. She also likes tentacles.
Random Facts Menet's pet spider, Naz, is an infant of a breed that usually grows to be much larger than a man. At the moment, he's unusually cute, fuzzy, and cuddly for a spider. His demeanor is kinder and more friendly than Menet herself.
Fears Menet hates the sun, fears shadows, sleeps badly alone, fears monks, hates cold, refuses to eat green vegetables unless they are covered in something that isn't green, or the lights are off, and is afraid of lightning.

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