Mazrim Al Haest
Auren Savarashi

Character Name: Mazrim al'Haest
Secondary Name:
Race: Svartalfar
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight


A massive, confident Svartalfar is in front of you. Considered abnormally large even by Svartalfar standards, it's plain to see that his entire body has been shaped into whipcord strength that borders on the impossible. Mazrim's outfit favors gold, blue and white, and is the traditional outfit of master Monks.

Height: 6'7
Weight: 231
Hair Colour: Navy Blue, dyed with silver trim
Eyes Colour: Silver
Skin Tone: Dark Brown

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: True Neutral
Mazrim is a devout follower of Freyja's teachings and strives to live them in everyday life. He aims to be the best soldier and leader. As part of that belief and aim, he isn't above taking any job for a price. He embodies the mercenary leanings of the Svartalfar. These beliefs leave him to be more then a little nasty towards Alfar and followers of Freyr. He also believes that those who steadfastly refuse to live up to their potential are worthless, though he does make a distinction between those who don't want to and those who need guidance.


Character Age: 131
Birthdate: December 11th
Birthplace: Svartalfheim
Occupation: Mercenary

Born and raised in Svartalfheim, Mazrim drank up the propaganda surrounding his people and believes in the complete superiority of the Svartalfar race over all others. From an early age, he became a devout follower of Freyja and wishes to honor her with the performance of Svarthrid, an incognito organization that serves as a mercenary company for Svartalfar wanting to cut their teeth, along with more secretive and darker projects that the Svartalfheim Academy has assigned them.


  • Perrin: Master of Arms of Svarthrid, Perrin is a trusted comrade in arms.
  • Tennolan: Assigned to watch over Tennolan, he is both her master trainer and father figure, albeit harsh in the Svartalfar way.
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