Mathias Leomund Emberhardt
Player Name MorseusVII

Character Name: Mathias Leomund Emberhardt
Secondary Name: n/a
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight, romantically unresponsive.


Height: Six feet, two inches.
Weight: Two hundred and ten pounds before armor.
Hair Colour: Light brown.
Eyes Colour: Hazel.
Skin Tone: White.

Tall, of an average, yet athletic build. A Peachy complexion, that has rarely known a tan. His hair spikes out and to the sides mostly, and away from his face. (For a basic idea, look up Godot from Phoenix Wright.) It has a light brown color to it. For the most part, his body is covered, but if he were to take his armor off, you'd see a few scars of little note from some of the expeditions he's been a part of. His eyes are a muted hazel, and at a glance are nothing special, but they hold this quality to where one who stares into them eventually begin to see more and more behind them, and lose themselves within them. Generally, his eyes scour the places around him, always looking out for danger, and ready to do his duty at the drop of a poring hat.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral Good.

Valiant, if not somewhat hot tempered. His ultimate goal is the removal of all unnatural beasts from Midgard. He'll always protect those who need help. As long as there is no threat to the safety of those around him, he's likely to blindly charge forward into battle and wreak a holy vengeance upon his foes. When in battle alone, his mind is lost, moving within the flow. When fighting alongside friends, his first thoughts go to them and their safety. Outside of combat, he's quiet and always watching his back. Suspicious of others' motivations, and constantly looking for a truth behind words. He has never known a romantic love and has no desire to.


Character Age: 27.
Birthdate: April 12th.
Birthplace: Alberta.
Occupation: Squire for the Temple Knights of Prontera.

Mathias has always been a hot-tempered young man, but it's clear that he's always meant well. He has a respect for the old gods, and has chosen to uphold the ideals that the Allfather had for the future of mankind. As such, he has devoted his life to the removal of all unnatural beings from the land of Rune-Midgard, so that its children may live in peace, with no fear of assault from those who should not be. The decision was made when Mathias was traveling with a church-based caravan from town to town. One day, the caravan traveled past the sundered land of Morroc. It was there that Mathias learned the stories of what happened to that town, and it was there that he decided that such a thing must never be allowed to happen again. He is now working towards his acceptance into the Holy Order. His mother is deceased, from unknown causes. It happened years ago, when he was young and no evidence was ever conclusive enough to determine what happened. Mathias always suspected his father, of whom he is unsure whether or not he is living. Mathias ran away from his father when he was 13, and he took his older sister Celia, and his twin sister Portia. In his escape, Portia was lost to the river. He is unsure whether or not she lived. His older sister Celia is now also a member of the faith, and assists Mathias in any way she can, whenever she can.


Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Shrimp in Pasta
Special Skills: n/a

Mathias is a good guy once you get to know him. The challenge is getting to know him. He is a fan of the arts, in many forms, especially music. There was almost always a musician traveling with the group he caravanned with. Growing up in a town on the water, he's grown up eating a ton of seafood and rather than get sick of it, he loves all kinds of seafood, and appreciates the health value within it.

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