Lydia Nalions
Player Name LightSoul

Character Name: Lydia Nalions
Secondary Name: Red.
Race: Human.
Gender: Female.
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual.


Height: 5'5.
Hair Colour: Scarlet Red.
Eyes Colour: Maroon.
Skin Tone: Pale.

Normally seen in red and black clothing, this female is small framed but very curvy. Maroon eyes normally hide behind this young woman's spunky short scarlet hair. Despite almost boy-short hair she is never mistaken for a male in part because she has a very soft and welcoming voice comforting everyone around her.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: True Neutral

Lydia is naturally very open and calm, but she tends to talk a lot and quickly. She likes meeting new people and becomes comfortable with people easily. Not really the quiet type, she is open and very "smiley". She is easily remembered for her smile.


Character Age: 22
Birthdate: August 23
Birthplace: Amatsu
Occupation: Assassin Guild's Handler.

Her parents united by political marriage between rich families in Aldebaran, she's the unfortunate product of the single time they had sex (since they had to consummate the marriage by Church law). Completely ignored by her horribly-busy parents, she was more or less raised by her uncle. Said uncle taught her how to make the most of the unlimited budget her parents gave her (after occasionally lifting some off her, of course), and in return he showed her the seedier side of life. Having experienced only the stale, boring, carefully-manicured life of a young noblewoman in Aldebaran, she was eager to explore the "interesting" way of life people lived in Morocc… and she's more than happy not to tell Daddy how she spends her afternoons, or who she spent it with. To her, every day is a vacation from boring - she honestly loves coming to work every day. he was given her post by her uncle, who is an investor in (and sometimes patron of) the Assassin's Guild itself.


  • Larisa La'Meir: Close friend and underling at their place of employment. Lydia will go out of her way to help Larisa stay ahead.
  • Salest Mino: Salest's sketches help Lydia to know the people and places of an area. Lydia also keeps Salest up to date on the latest gossip.
  • Laurel Kaitlyn Luisliu: Lydia once attempted to help Laurel improve her dress and attitude. The attempt ended poorly for both parties. They talk infrequently, but have no true conflict in her eyes.
  • Ilya 'Lupa' Telune: Lydia and Ilya do not see eye to eye. They speak infrequently; most of those conversations quickly degrade into arguments.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Rice Balls.
Special Skills: Cooking. Talking.

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