Appearance: Lupus are the tallest out of all the furred races. They are often portray themselves physically as loving adorable creatures. All Lupus have a coat of fur often in different shades of gray or even white. An odd fact about Lupus is though they may be adorable if one is angered you'll see fangs as well as a rather nasty side to them….physically.

Max Height: 5'7".

Life Expectancy: 95 years old.

Dominant Traits: Proud, Secretive, Loyal, Friendly, and Resourceful.

About the Race: The Lupus were the final and most successful of the creations made by Renbenker before the operation was shut down. they kept the wolf pack mentality even though like the other creations they resembled the Hume more then wolves. Thus creating a malleable mind that bent around obeying the 'alphas' command. With no real sense of pack the Lupus fought amongst themselves relentlessly. The unpredictable nature of these fights often led to them being cut off from one another, which would only stress the wolf side of them more. The DNA used for the Lupus experiments varied, some came from the gray wolves, where as most of it came from the desert wolves. The wolves involved with the DNA from the gray wolves were often more pack oriented and were less prone to starting the fights amongst one another. Where, the gray wolves lacked in physical strength, they made up in speed. Like the desert wolves which plague veins the Lupus born from their DNA were violent fighters and merciless killers. Common traits to both of the Lupus were their need for their family or friends, seldom to Lupus spend extended periods of time alone, less they become depressed.

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