Lovers Quest

Item Requirements: 1 Flower, 40 Coal, 1 Tuxedo
Level Requirements: Base Level 60+
Quest Reward: Base EXP (based on character level), Stone

1. Look for Calla inside Einbroch (einbroch 126, 229). If you are spotted by her father Megass, (he's right inside the door) you will be thrown out, so stay along the left wall.

2. Take the train to Einbech, and look for Klitzer inside the apartment house at (einbech 204, 135). When talking to you, he will say something like "I can smell the scent of Calla's house on you, traveler".

3. Go back to Calla in Einbroch, and she will ask you to take her violin back to him. Obtain a Violin [3]

4. When you deliver it to him, he will say he wants to meet her, but he's too busy and can't leave. He will ask you to deliver 1 Flower for him to Calla.
Receive some Base EXP (About 5% at level 83)

5. When you give the Flower to Calla, she'll thank you. She will ask you your name, so type your character's name in the box.
6. Return to Klitzer and he will ask you your name, so type your character's name in the box again. He'll then ask you to talk to his mother, Kaijeta. Talk to her then talk to him again. Then go back to Calla in Einbroch.

7. Talk to Satra in Calla's house, and while talking you find out she wants Coal. Bring 40 Coal and talk to her 4x, and each time she will take 10 Coal. After the last batch, she will ask you who you are delivering the Coal from. Type in "Klitzer" in the box, and she will tell you she will invite him over for tea.

8. Talk to Klitzer's mother Kaijeta again, and she'll tell you that he has no clothes for such a elegant tea, and tell you that they can't afford to get one. Go buy a Tuxedo and return to his house. While you have the Tuxedo in your inventory, talk to Klitzer and he'll ask you if he can use that Tuxedo. Give it to him. Receive a random stone (symbolizes something).

9. Return to Calla and she gives you her thanks and an EXP award. Receive some Base EXP (Around 4%).

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