Loreli Kapple
Player Name FoxTrotMuffin

Character Name: Loreli Kapple
Secondary Name: Lor, Lori
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Fairly straight


Height: 5”6
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eyes Colour: Grayish-blue
Skin Tone: Fair

Loreli appears fairly serious most of the time. She doesn’t smile or laugh very often, but she isn’t gloomy. She keeps her bright blonde hair about shoulder length and cut straight. There is one small braid in her hair which is threaded through a bead. Loreli looks pretty strong, especially her legs, since she primarily fights with her feet. Spots where repairs have been made can be seen on her clothing, as she tends to try to make her clothing last.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral Good

In general, Loreli tries to be polite, even-tempered, and non judgmental. She doesn’t anger easily, nor rise to provocation. Loreli tends to like plain things and spends as little as she possibly can on herself. Because of the way she fights, she treasures her body greatly. It’s a weapon that has served her well for years, and she intends to keep it fit and healthy. Loreli does make jokes and teases people, but sometimes it’s a little hard to tell if she’s joking or not. She has a girly side that comes out on occasion and is very easily flustered. Normally, Loreli isn’t one to initiate conversation with strangers, or actively seek out social interaction, but circumstances have made her more willing to be outgoing.


Born and raised in Hugel, Loreli Kapple knew nothing except the Schwartzvald Republic until she turned twenty-two and set off for Rune-Midgards in her quest to find her sister. She was born to a hot-tempered baker and an easy-going soldier. Four years above her are Frieda and Klaus Kapple, twin brother and sister, and her younger sister, Ingrid, is twelve. Loreli also had a younger brother who she was very close to, but… she doesn’t like to talk about Heinrich.

When Loreli herself was twelve, her big sister, Frieda, ran away from home under circumstances that Loreli hesitates to talk about. The event that caused Frieda to flee Hugel and, ultimately, the Schwartzvald Republic, was the same event that caused Heinrich to become a ‘had’ instead of a ‘has’. Loreli used to be an energetic, loud, openly happy girl, but after Heinrich’s death she quieted and withdrew within herself. She spent almost all of her time after this training, and stopped going out to play with the other children. Instead, she chose to practice her kicks and strengthen her body and mind. Part of the reason was that she needed something to occupy herself completely, and part of it was that Loreli wanted to become strong enough to explore the world. Loreli saw how Frieda had crushed her parents’ hearts, and she dreamed of the day when she could go out, track down her vagrant sister, and try to repair her broken family.

Character Age: 22
Birthdate: January 15
Birthplace: Hugel
Occupation: Taekwon Ranker


  • Laurel Kaitlyn Luisliu: Laurel was the first person to offer to help Loreli look for Frieda. Loreli doesn’t know the Alfar very well, but she’s very grateful to her for following through on her promise.
  • Leifr: Loreli first met Leifr in Payon while he was standing guard. She considers him a friend and enjoys teasing him about his ‘lady friends’.
  • Carlisle Fionnghal: Loreli feels a little funny every time she sees Carlisle, and blushes very easily around him. It probably has something to do with all the flowers he’s been giving her.
  • Kjell Eklun: Loreli met Kjell while she was wandering around Payon. She funneled some of her repressed big-sister instincts towards him, and talked with him about judging people before you know them, annoying adventurers, and eating wolves.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Grapes. She likes trying to catch them in her mouth. This is done when no one is watching.
Special Skills: ‘Kicking things until zhey break’.

  • Loreli cannot swim and is, in fact, terrified of water.
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