Login Hour Sheet

A log for projects started since the Man Hours Recompensation Program was initiated. Entries will be added as their respective projects are completed.

Note: All GMs started with 40 hours before the Man Hours Recompensation Program was made. These hours were mostly spent on the Wiki, building the client, and writing the storyline.

Name Total Hours Earned Total Hours Spent Total Hours Remaining
GM Moshi 52H 0M
GM Wolf 43H 18M 43H 18M 00H 00M
GM Leeva 44H 5M 20H 0M 24H 00M
Name Date Project Hour Started Hour Ended Hours Consumed What was accomplished?
GM Wolf 02/08/10 Dueling System(Forum) 11:05 00:23 1H 18M In-Game Dueling/Fighting Guide was written and posted on the forums
GM Wolf 02/09/10 Bullet Summary (Wiki) 08:30 09:10 0H 40M Bullet Summary for Introduction Part I "The Awakening of Those Most Feared"
GM Moshi 02/13/10 Client Work General Weekend General Weekend 7H 0M General server updates
GM Wolf 2/14/10 Storyline Introduction (wiki) 09:00 11:00 2H 00M Completed the Introduction section under the Storyline sidebar.
GM Leeva 02/15/10 Shops/NPCs 06:45 08:00 1H 15M Costume Shop was made, Items added to old shops, NPCs Edited
GM Leeva 02/15/10 Shops/NPCs 08:15 09:00 0H 45M OOC Warper(Incomplete)
GM Moshi 02/20/10 Client Work General Weekend General Weekend 5H 0M General server updates
GM Leeva 03/02/10 Shops/NPCs 00:45 01:20 0H 35M Cooking shop was updated and organized
GM Leeva 03/02/10 Wiki Info 14:50 15:05 0H 15M Wiki "Sign Up" Page had info added
GM Leeva 03/29/10 Quests/NPC 11:00 12:20 1H 20M NPC quest template was made, and two headgear NPCs were added. Mini Glasses and Note Headphones
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