Level 4 Weaponry Quest

Item Requirements: 2 Hammer of Blacksmith, 1 Emperium Anvil, 1 Illusion Flower, 20 Gold, 3 sets of 30 special Ores (see below for the list).
Level Requirement: Base Level 70
Quest Reward: Level 4 Weapon depending on the NPC you talked to and the ores that you have

1. Talk to Bill Thayer in Aldebaran (aldebaran 178 239). He’ll tell you that he was once a great forger

2. Go to Niflheim and talk to 1 of his 4 sons depending on the weapon that you want to make. See their locations below Answer Show interest.

3. Go back to Bill Thayer in Aldebaran. You’ll make him remember of his dead sons.

4. Go back to Niflheim and talk to the one you talked to in step no 2. Each sons have a corresponding keyword in order or them to remember at least a piece of their memory (include the punctuation marks):

Kayron- You are helpless.
Reyghema - That means that you never regret anything!
Hein - to forge a good weapon.
Waltboughst - All the successful men in history tried their best!

5. In return, they would make a weapon for you. Since he’s already dead, they’ll ask you to collect 2 Hammer of Blacksmith, 1 Emperium Anvil, 1 Illusion Flower, and 20 Gold. No special ore yet

6. Give him the items that he asked but he still can’t remember the special ores that you need.

7. Go back to Bill Thayer in Alde Baran. He will mention to you 1 out of 2 weapon group ingredients needed to make the Ragnarok level 4 weapon. There are two weapon groups an NPC can make and each group can produce 2 kinds of random Ragnarok level 4 weapon.

8. Bring all the 90 pieces of special ores, 30 of each kind. in Niflheim. You need to play Rock Papers, and Scissors and have to win 2 out of 3 games. This is a pretty tough step and will only depend on your luck. If you loose, the NPC will take 30 special ores and you will need to recollect again and then try this step again. if you succeed, you’ll get a random Ragnarok level 4 weapon based on the special ore that you gave him. Good luck! Post in the comment section what you got


Location: Nifflheim 240,193

Great Axe or Guillotine:

Longinus’ Spear or Brionac:


Location: Nifflheim 99,268)

Berserk or Rudra Bow:

Tjungkuletti or Brocca:


Location: Nifflheim 187,280

Edge or Excalibur:

Dragon Slayer or Schweizersabel:


Location: Nifflheim 331,72

Byeollungum or Combat Knife:

Exorciser or Grand Cross:

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