Player Name Karith

Character Name: Leifr
Secondary Name: N/A
Race: Lupus
Genderbold text: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Height: 5’7”
Weight: 130lbs
Hair Colorbold text: White
Eyes Color: Green
Skin Tone: Tanned

Leifr is a fresh face in comparison to most of the men training for the Chivalry. His skin has few scars, though his nose is slightly crooked from being broken. His figure is lean, compact build with powerful muscles. His hair, a snowy white, is always trimmed and combed down neatly, framing his green eyes. Most often, he’s seen wearing a coat of mail, a pair of gauntlets, greaves and steel boots. On occasions, where armor would not be appropriate or unnecessary and uncomfortable, he will wear formal clothes fit for the occasion. He is almost never seen, however, without a weapon.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Lawful Good

Leifr, raised with and by humans as a human, does not have as many wolfish traits others do. He oft tries to conduct himself as a human would, and strives to become as great as knight as he can be. His wolf instincts are not totally absent, however, as he was fiercely loyal to the royal family, pack mentality deeming the King as Alpha, though this is also equally due to his gratitude for the shelter the King provides for those furred that make their way into his lands.
As one training for Knighthood, Leifr is a stickler for rules, and has little tolerance nor patience for those who break or bend the laws. He is equally annoyed by those who try to justify their actions, and though he is always willing to act when he sees an Injustice, a threat, or such, he restrains himself in most cases in light that he is not yet a full knight.


Character Age: 9 [18]
Birth Date: January 8th
Birthplace: Lighthalzen
Occupation: Knight in Training

Leifr, as far back as he can remember, has trained in the ways of Chivalry in hopes of one day becoming a Knight, a ‘father figure’ funding his training and supplying him with armor and weapons as he grew. He did not see much of this man, however, and almost always only on the occasions he needed new armor after growing, or a new blade. He was fond of the man, a what little he knew of him was that he was a Black Smith. On occasions, he was allowed to visit the man, and grew fond of the cheerful, burly black smith rather quickly, constantly looking to impress the man who had become his guardian. Yet, visits with the man were usually short as his training would not be allowed to wait for him over sentimental bonding.

As his training progressed, Leifr would not hesitate to prove his determination to become a Knight, and on more than one occasion was reprimanded for reckless behavior. Like all children, during his education in the Chivalric Code and ways of Honor, he would usually be found with a certain group while avoiding others. During which time, Leifr had taken to hiding his ears under a hat and his tail tucked into his pants due to several other boys trying to take advantage of the way wolves, whom Lupus were supposed to take after, submitted to others stronger than them. He was also forced into striving to be the best swordsman of his age group, with some success, but only some. He was also given a Peco early, though was not yet allowed to ride it, in the event that a Peco would not take well to a Lupus.

It was years later, when Leifr’s training with a sword was half finished, that his life took a turn for the worse. When they entered the town square, Leifr’s armor had suddenly taken on a considerable amount of weight, a scantly clad Elf maiden making herself the center of attention. Provoked by jibes from the older members of the party, Leifr and punched on, not out of total hostility but to shut him up, provoking Mason’s dislike for the Lupus, and was sent to send the ‘thief’ away.

Ever sense then, Leifr’s life was plagued by the Dancer always showing up when he least wanted her to. When she had eventually stolen his hat, and taunting him for losing a fight to a girl in a sparing contest along with several other jibes had finally pushed him into acting, and he followed them, foolishly, into the Arunafelts city Rachel where he was captured.

Weeks drew on after his enslavement, though his training did at least supply him with the endurance to rebel against his captors for quite some time before gradually resigning. When the Dancer did eventually get him out, returning him to Prontera while coercing him back to his old self, without much success, until they left him in the care of Chivalry, who in turn left him in the care of Hakon, a Knight who once knew him both to help him recover and to allow him to finish his training when he did under an official knight.

After that, reminders of his old life everywhere, he quickly did return to his old self, though he remained unsure of himself for a long while after. When he finally had recovered, Hakon beat the amount of time for training he’d lost due to his recklessness into him relentlessly until he’d reacquired his touch with the sword, as well as training him with the Spear, and two handed blades.

Now having served the full time of training, Hakon has sent him on a quest to try and prove himself before he deems him ready for Knighthood.


Hallstein Bjorn: Leifr's adopted father. Though he doesn't see the man as often as he would like, Leifr loves his father greatly, often refering to him simply as 'Old Man' or 'The Old Man'.

Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Spiced Meats.
Special Skills: Swordsmanship, Spearman ship, Peco Care, and Mounted Combat.

Leifr's code of chivalry:
Gods he follows: Odin, Freya, Freyr

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