Appearance: Kumiho posses vulpine ears as well as a tail. The coloring is of either red and white, black and white, or solid white. The fur sheds as needed, though never grows so long that it becomes unmanageable. Once the a Kumiho reaches the age of 18, they stop showing physical signs of aging, though the fur becomes rough and can in some instances develop gray or white fur.

Max Height: 5'5".

Life Expectancy: 95 years old.

Dominant Traits: Clever, Intelligent, Devious, Judgmental, Curious, Reclusive, and Playful.

About the Race: The second creation of the Hume, these beings contain the DNA of the Ninetails monster that resides in Payon. Taking on the foxes qualities the race loves to play tricks upon both friend and foe. Though they view their games as harmless fun, others who have the jokes played upon them often become angry and scorn the foxish beings. Though they hate being alone for long, they often seek seclusion because they are easily intimidated. Kumiho are more likely to flee a battle then to stand and fight. If you've heard the expression 'Curiosity killed the cat!' Then you should know that his applies to the Kumiho as well. The race has an insatiable curiosity which oft causes trouble for those which intrigue it as well as the Kumiho itself. However, being incredible intelligent they can talk their way out of trouble more often then not. Thus avoiding the brunt of the situations involving other sentient creatures.With the Kumiho the Humes of the Rekenber corporation sought to create not only life, but creatures which could easily be controlled. The Kumiho were failures in the effect that due to their prankish and flippant nature they either didn't do what was asked of them, or spent more time composing pranks.

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