Kjell Eklun

Character Name: Kjell Eklun(Kjell pronounced ‘Shel’)
Secondary Name:
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Height: 4’10”
Weight: 87lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eyes Color: Green
Skin Tone: Light Tan

Kjell has a slender build, and his appearance is to soft to be a warrior of any kind and lacks any sort arcane air about him. He is quite young, and equally plain. His brown hair most often hangs lazily around his face, growing longer in the back until it reaches neck length. On occasions, though, it may be found cut short and more evenly.

The youth can’t be said to wear any one single outfit, as he owns a variety of clothes. Generally, Kjell dresses in casual clothes, or deviants of the Archer Guild’s uniform.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: Neutral

Kjell, at his best, is a rather simple child, easily amused and entertained, and quick to cheer up. He’s generally helpful though he can be a pain at times, having a smart mouth quite often which gets him in more trouble than he feels he should be in. He also sometimes likes to think he’s invincible, which usually leads him into all sorts of mishaps, some worse than others.
Like most humans, Kjell is enchanted by the Alfar’s graceful beauty, intimidated by the frightful power of the Svartalfar, curious about the fox-like Kumiho and the rabbit-like Nanabohzo, and amazed by the cat-like Ailouros and the canine-like Lupus.
But he is also jealous of all the other races, and agitated by how they easily put humans to shame in certain areas with their particular talents, though he refuses to admit this, even to himself. As a result of his pent up jealousy, the presence of one of the other races can easily anger Kjell, and he can become as bad as openly hostile, or as passive as simply ignoring them.
Kjell has also recently developed a fear of adventurers due to his parents keeping him inside more often and warning him to stay away from adventurers, and tends to bad mouth around them, though he is also easily frightened by them as well.


Kjell was born to a pair of villagers in Payon, and though the village had been normally rather uneventful, Kjell enjoyed, and still does, exploring the safer parts of the forest, always reminded by his parents never to stray to far and always dismissing it.
Recently, however, Kjell’s freedom had been restrained slightly when Adventurers had begun picking fights with each other in the town, provoking Kjell to take to wandering the forests even more, away from the noise the adventurers were causing and away from the stifling air of his now prison-home.

Character Age: Thirteen
Birth Date: December Fifth
Birthplace: Payon
Occupation: Unemployed


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Misc Facts

Favorite Consumption: Peaches
Special Skills: Undiscovered and/or Undeveloped

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