Kinei R Amigake
Player Name Kinei

Character Name: Kinei R. Amigake
Secondary Name: "Little Wolf"
Race: Lupus
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 4'10 (Hence the name, Little Wolf)
Weight: Ninety-two pounds
Hair Colour: White, dyed blond in order to hide racial identity.
Eyes Colour: Yellow
Skin Tone: A slight tan of copper brown
Clothing/Wardrobe: Kinei travels very often, and so his wardrobe is often limited to clothing that doesn't weigh him down but easily adaptable to most situations. He carries a knapsack on his back which also contains his winter clothing and gear, when heading to colder climates. His regular set of clothing consists of a white shirt with red trimming near the bottom and sleeves. The sleeves extend all the way to his elbows and the shirt is half covered with boiled leather for protection. The shirt also contains a hood, which Kinei often keeps up to conceal his ears.

The boiled leather is a deep grey in color and covers his upper chest and stomach but not his midsection. On the leather are several black intricate patterns of swirls and waves. The leather is very light and its very flexible so it doesn't wear Kinei down but it isn't the best method of protection out there. Thin, a blade could easily cut through it, though it seems to work good with protecting him from flying debris. The leather armor contains straps from behind to unfasten it and take it off whenever the armor isn't required.

He wears long white pants that reach down to his ankles with a similar wave design like his armor. His red shoes are in a similar fashion, plated with grey leather. Finally, Kirei's gloves are made of cloth. They are fingerless, only protecting his palm and its grey, with black designs similar to his armor.

Kinei's winter gear can be worn over his armor, due to the fact that the leather is very thin. In his winter gear, Kinei wears a white fur lined coat(Black in color) that reaches down to his shins. It has fur in the inside and has a large hood with an installed face mask to protect his face. It has buttons which can seal up his entire body for extra warmth and his gloves are reinforced with fur and thick cloth. His pants are also replaced with a more thicker pair of black pants which are lined with fur on the inside. His shoes are replaced with black leather boots which can easily walk through rough snowy terrain.

Personality & Mannerisms

Disposition: True Neutral

Personality: Polite to the very core, Kinei is very friendly and "warm" when around others. He is always seen with a smile that often appears to be forced or fake, though he always claims that its not fake. He has very rarely been seen expressing strong emotion when around other people, keeping his mature persona as much as possible. Though he never appears sad, angry or depressed, Kinei is often moody or "odd" when he's alone or when he believes no one is looking. He appears to be slightly…impaired, often talking to himself, though its just because he suffers from survivors guilt.

Mannerisms: When around others, Kinei acts very mature, despite the fact that he looks awfully young. He is very deep and wise when it comes to consulting problems and cannot stand arrogant or impulsive people. Despite his kind disposition, he is also as distant as possible. Even with new friends, he often never actually goes up and talks to them, unless required or if assistance is needed for a task. Kinei has also shown to be a lover of wine and any kind of noodle dish. He enjoys drinking alcohol, claiming that it has a unique taste unlike other drinks. He tries to keep his insatiable appetite at bay though, not wanting to appear as animalistic as other Lupus.


Character Age: Fifteen
Birthdate: June 15
Birthplace: Midgard, Payon
Occupation: Traveling Monk-In-Training

Bio: Born as a Lupus of a small clan of slave workers, Kinei was often ridiculed for his small size and slow growth rate. He had also proven to be smarter then the others, although not as smart as his pack leader, he was intelligent. Also a determined, hard worker, he had often put all of his effort into his work, despite the fact that he disliked his current position in society only to please his mother, father and pack leader.

Unfortunately, problems were occurring all over the farms that his pack had worked on. Food became short, cattle was missing. Since humans needed to store food for winter AND food for themselves, there was much less to go around for the Kinei's pack. Everyone was hungry and tensions grew between the humans who owned the farm and Kinei's wolf pack. Several have pondered on escaping but it was often much easier said then done.

Eventually, the humans became sick of the Lupus's constant outcries and had all of the smarter and older ones taken away. Kinei, the alpha of the pack, his blood father and two other pack members were taken away. When Kinei woke up, he was in the Rekenber Corporation. Only seven at the time, Kinei quickly became traumatized when he witnessed what they were doing to other "experiments". Some came out horribly deformed and badly mistreated. Kinei was horrified and scared, and soon the researchers took him for an experiment.

It was just a prototype, they wanted to implant more human DNA into a Lupus to see if they would become more human. The experiments were mortifying and painful and it failed. Kinei was in shock for over a month and no longer could tell who he truly was. His physical appearance would forever be one of a seven year old as his body structure had been altered to the point where he cannot grow properly because of the modifications made to his brain and bone structure. He suffered from minor mental disrepair due to the experiments and nobody recognized him anymore, not even his father.

However, something fateful happened a year later. Kinei managed to squeeze through a hidden hole he had been making with his bare hands and escape the facility. Of course, the scientists placed wanted posters all around the towns. Kinei had to disguise himself and so, he cut his hair, dyed it blond. He also trimmed his ears and finally…he cut most of the fur off his tail. He now looked more like a tiger then a wolf, it was difficult to do but Kinei managed to do it.

He stumbled upon a monastery several miles away from the facility and the priest there took pity and took Kinei in. There, he was raised to be a monk because of his strength and physical fitness. After two or three years, Kinei left the monastery to venture the world alone, in hopes of finding enlightenment. Most of his mental wounds had been mended during his stay at the monastery but they still haunt him in his dreams.

Kinei had also made sure not to get close to anyone on his journeys. They could easily betray him and rat him out to the corporation that was looking for him. Wandering alone, whenever possible, Kinei's primary goal was to return to Payon, extract revenge and rescue his mother…once he became stronger.



Misc Facts

Favourite Consumption: Pasta, Wine
Special Skills: Tactical, finesse and decent stamina. Kinei can hold out in a fight for a long time, tiring out his opponents in hopes of finding an opening.

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